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S.No. Name Organization college State Comment
1S.Cyril AlexanderMACTLoyolaTamil NaduSocial Work has been taught in India as a professional course for nearly a centenary.
2Andrew Sesuraj MurrayProfessional Social Workers' Association (PSWA)Loyola College, ChennaiTamil NaduCouncil for social work profession is the need of the hour not just for the sake of social workers but also for the beneficiaries to get the best and quality services. Let us stand united and call for a council to acknowledge the transformation the social workers had brought to Indian society
3Vetri ThamizhanCFCAThe American CollegeTamil NaduBring council early
4JuhebSociety for Rural Urban and Tribal initiativeMadras school of social workAssamIn solidarity
5Manoj MosesSelf - Pudhu Vazhu Illam : NGO formationLoyola Chennai (2009-2011)Tamil NaduVery difficult to organize social worker for PSWA. No one good organization not supporting social work professional to have good job with decent salary. Every one. Doing fraudulent work in the name of social work.
6Julian Rajiv MartynFreelancerLoyola College, ChennaiTamil NaduSocial Work is a professional course because we work with people and for the betterment of the society
7RAJDEEP DUTTAAssam University SilcharAssam University SilcharAssamYes. I demand for my right.
8Mathew Arumai MSRM Medical College HospitalSRM Medical CollegeTamil NaduEnact social worker council act
9Christopher naveenReadBishop heber collegeTamil NaduWe want professional social work association It's Right .
10JayalakshmiNilNilKarnatakaPlease recognise social work as professional course.
11Khushbu VermaAnganSchool of social work, Roshni Nilaya, MangaloreKarnatakaIt is need of time to unite all social worker, beyond different kinds of associations. And also conduct a Census of all professional social workers. Till now no authentic data of number of college who teach social work degree and Total number of professional social workers in India.
12PurshottamDepartment of Social workKurukshetra universityHaryana..
13Preenu ashokVHS, the institute of neurology scienceStella Maris,Tamil NaduI support
14S.x.hydwick rosyTamil Nadu slum clearance board,retdStella Maris collegeTamil NaduSocial work profession which is much needed in the present scenario and which plays a vital role in development sector and is distinct against other post graduate courses has to be given professional status
15Samar ImranCreation Welfare SocietyAligarh Muslim UniversityUttar PradeshI am highly obliged if you understand the situation of social workers in India comparatively to other countries. We need our council to make our profession more appropriate in the eyes of the country people.
16Dr Sonia Pereira DeuriDept of Psychiatric Social WorkLGBRIMH TezpurAssamUGC and the Governmental mechanisms have not done justice to the discipline of Social Work. It is rather unacceptable that even after 83 years of academic teaching in Social Work , the statuary bodies of Higher Education is yet give due credence to trained Social Workers. Does UGC forget all the Review meetings it had in the last four decades? Formation of a Council is the only answer to this burning issue .
17Santhanam PandianConsultant for Social DevelopmentMadurai Institute of Social SciencesTamil NaduOur request may kindly be considered favourably to save our profession.
18BeulahcollegeBishop Heber collegeTamil NaduI strongly recommend for the formation of social work council in India.
19LAHAREEChrist UniversityChrist ( deemed to be university)KarnatakaSocial work profession is a professional course and this council is our right.
20Jayaprakashpeacesacred heart collegeTamil NaduGood intentions
21JollyRAJAGIRILoyola college TVMKeralaKindly recognize MSW as a professional course.
22Tamilvanan NIndian Broadcasting (, program) Service AIR and DD retdMadurai institute of Social Work (now MISS)Tamil NaduVehemently opposing the move of derecognising social work as a profession .The rep is self explanatory
23MOHD ZAIDAMUAMUUttar PradeshMSW should be in category of professional course
24Binu nbChrist universityChrist universityKeralaThe course must have to be professional
25Gangutri GogoiChrist universityChrist universityKarnatakaIt's totally unfair to declare a professional course like social work as non professional. Keeping in mind the numbers of social workers in the country I hope the UGC will amend its decision.
26T.N.SHIVANICollegeRoda mistry college of social work and research centreAndhra PradeshI support the formation of social work council. It has to be recognised as a professional course rather than as an amateur or as non professional course.
27Mohd Rukhshan AmirAligarh Muslim UniversityDepartment of social workUttar PradeshPlz take it seroiusly
28A. Bellaro John ReganSree Narayana Guru CollegeSree Narayana Guru CollegeTamil NaduSocial Work is a Professional Course.
29ManasiMHI COE, SCBMCHMental health instituteOrissaThis is our Basic rights
30GNANA SEKARANFreelance consultant and TrainerLoyola college,chennaiTamil NaduIt's our profession and we completed from a recognized institutions so the recognition of our course is our constitutional rights to claim as professional recognition.
31Parul SinghUvctIgnouDelhiIf it is true msg that this society or organisation doing to give special position to social workers at professional level then my hands is with to shake generalise channel.
32Tejaswini SusarlaRoda mistry college of social work and research centreRoda mistry college of social work and research centreAndhra PradeshSocial work field must be recognised, and Professional social workers must be recognised.
33ALWIN AUGUSTINEChrist University, BangaloreChrist University, BangaloreKarnatakaI'm a MSW student and I'm signing this petition in order to treat MSW as a professional course under UGC.
34SusaiChrist UniversityChrist UniversityTamil NaduI strongly agree to it
35KavithaNIMHANSNIMHANSKarnatakaDeclare social work as a professional coyrsr
36Ngaitlang Mary TariangSocial Work Department, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)Social Work Department, CHRIST ( Deemed to be University), BangaloreKarnatakaAs a professionally trained social worker, I stand here to demand for my rights and on behalf of other profesional social workers about our Rights that the Ministry of HRD should grant us our professional rights to have Profesional Social work Council in India as well as the UGC to reconsider social work course as a profesional social work course. Thank you in advance for respecting our rights as Profesional Social Workers. Warm Regards Dr. Ngaitlang Mary Tariang Department of Social Work Christ (Deemed to be University) Bangalore.
37Dr. M.D. Rohini KrishnanGovt .Stanley Medical college and HospitalStella Maris colleheTamil NaduThe council should be formed as early as possible
38Celin AbrahamMasters of social work- clinical and community practiceChrist University BangaloreKarnatakaThis is our right. And we deserve it. Kindly grant the above request
39Dinesh kumarArul anandar collegeArul anandar collegeTamil NaduKindly declare social work as professional course
40Dr BornaliGauhati medical college and hospitalMedical college in GuwahatiAssamDefinitely social work is a professional course. No two opinion
41Shruthi SukumarChrist university BangaloreChrist university, BangaloreKarnatakaPlease make social work as a professional course.
42Sakthi DeviDr.Ambedkar Govt Arts CollegeMadras Christian CollegeTamil NaduI support!
43Anil Kumar RoyNazareth Hospital, ShillongLGBRIMH, Tezpur, AssamMegalayaWe should be recognized as professionals. Social Work should be treated as a professional course by the Government of our country. Thank you.
44Fathima Salihacchrist university, bangloreKeralaSocial workers doesnt pay get enough paid for the work they are doing. This must be declared as the council to keep up the dignity of the job we are doing. There are lot of struggles behind social working.
45Anjana KrPswaSt claret college, JalahalliKarnatakaKindly declare social work as a professional Couse
46SridharStudentDr. Ambedkar Govt Arts collegeTamil NaduForm professional social workers council
47Ponkhi phukonKaziranga universitySchool of social sciencesAssamWe want this.
48Dr. Amaresha CCHRIST (Deemed to be University), BangaloreCHRIST (Deemed to be University), BangaloreKarnatakaI strongly agree that Social Work is a professional course. It is highly recognized profession in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. It is sad that the word "social work" is used loosely in India. Hence, most of the social workers seek careers outside India after completion of their masters in social work. Social workers play an important role in policy development and they are integral part of multi disciplinary teams at hospitals. Social Work has 6 methods to practice and it has it's principles, values, skills and approaches. Students who opt for this course will be trained in all these. Students will be able to apply class room theory into practice through the field work/internships/block placements. It has specializations such as Psychiatric social work, Medical social work and community development. Mental Health Care Act 2017 and Rehabilitation Council of India recognize social work as a profession. Hence, this should be considered as profession
49Kaavyasri D AEnable IndiaChrist UniversityKarnatakaSocial work is a profession.
50Dr.Sherley.TNilNilTamil NaduSocialwork professional is an essential field in the community. It recovers the social illness to the individual,groups and community. So it needs the above recognition.
51YasminCollegeDr.Ambedkar govt. arts collegeTamil NaduSocial work should be acknowledged as professional degree
52GunjanChristChristDelhiAction needed
53Jobin TomBoscoNimhansKarnatakaSocial work should be considered as a profession as like western countries
54Alisha MathewChrist universityChrist UniversityKarnatakaAs a student persuing MSW i want it to be as a professional course.
55YesudossjacobMadras UniversityLoyola collegeTamil NaduWe the social workers are directly dealing with human beings and with their emotions, so the systematic professional approach is unless and until the government take responsibility there will not be any humanity. Thanks
56Rony JamesM A EnglishChrist University BangaloreKarnatakaI support this genuine cause.
57Pratima MathurRetiredCollege of social work HyerabadAndhra PradeshI fully agree that social work is a full fledged profession. In western countries social work profession is highly regarded. And strongly feel that in India also it should be recognised. I have been working as professionals social worker from past 30 years in U. K. It is high time the government of India should recognise asap.
58Christel Naomi RobertsCHRIST (Deemed to be UniversityCHRIST (Deemed to be University)KarnatakaSocial work must be recognized as a profession that requires it's own skill which other professionals don't necessarily have. Social work Council is our right.
59Jonathan George KoshieCMICHRIST(Deemed to be University)KeralaNo comment specifically
60Upendra SinghDr RML HospitalDAVUttar PradeshSocial work is my Profession
61Vincy Prem jCommunity and clinicalChrist Deemed to be universityKarnatakaRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
62SristiChristChrist universityKarnatakaSocial work should me made professional course
63Zamyang Palmo bhutiaPSWAChrist universityKarnatakaBy working with clients to resolve serious issues in their lives, social workers can have a positive impact not only on the individuals they serve but also on the community at large.
64Allan JacobIndia Vision FoundationChrist UniversityDelhiSocial Work to the chain of human connectivity is needed for the welfare of the society in a righteous manner.
65Jonathan BrittoUnited Way of ChennaiLoyola CollegeTamil NaduLet us all take this serious and stand up for our rights. We are all professional social workers.
66Anam khanAligarh Muslim UniversityAligarh Muslim UniversityUttar PradeshRequest for considering MSW as a professional course
67Dibyashree SenguptaWorld Health PartnersVidyasagar School of Social WorkWest BengalI am a professional Social worker working towards development of my nation.
68MALAYA BRAHMAStudentChrist UniversityKarnatakaRequest!
69Pramod Kumar SahooITC-WOWBIITMOrissaI support for the same.
70Steve K MPilar Outreach FoundationChrist (deemed to be University)DelhiA very important and necessary step for our profession.
71Ningdaipou KahmeiCurrently unemployChrist universityManipurSocial work and social worker with the level of dedication and sacrifice has to be acknowledged and given priority and and effort from the government to improve and empower the mass through uplifting it as a profession. And also it is through this advancement and upliftment of the profession as recognized and valued profession can a country like ours move ahead and cope with the moving and changing time of the world today
72R. Shangmi MoyonNIMHANSNIMHANSKarnatakaCouncil for social work is my right.
73Priyam VathanaMilaapchrist UniversityTamil NaduSocial work should be a professional study.
74Mereeta MathewLeaders and Ladders international school of Autism, Kottayam, KeralaChrist Deemed to be University, BengaluruKarnatakaIt is a course which focuses on the wellbeing of people and the society. We are worthy in all sense.
75Ashitha Mariat PaulNILChrist UniversityKarnatakaI request for the same.
76Vivek Kr SinghAIIMS DelhiBHUDelhiAll the best !!!
77Aarti JagannathanNIMHANS, BengaluruNIMHANSKarnatakaSocial work is a profession which is recognised abroad and in India. It is a professional course and a regulatory body needs to be formed
78James j wCentral institute of psychiatryCentral institute of psychiatryJharkandRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
79Karthick SIndian Institute of Management KozhikodeCIPKeralaPSW
80Dr N JanardhanaNIMHANSDept.of Psychiatric Social WorkKarnatakaCouncil is the need of the hour
81U SayappaSuvarna foundationRoda mistry college of social workAndhra PradeshI will support
82N Y Anna ReshmyCCPChrist Deemed to be universityDelhiDeclare post graduate Social Work as a professional Couse
83Sadagar AliRehab India FoundationJamia milia IslamiaAssamRight to our dignity.
84Arthur JosephNimhansBangalore City collegeKarnatakaSocial work council is an urgent need of the hour.
85Mithila SayananClinical fieldChrist university bangloreKeralaIt's a nice initiative.
86Gagadhara Reddy NUsirigaagi HasiruDept of Social Work, Bangalore UniversityKarnatakaSince millions of social workers working in grass roots and it has professional and scientific body of knowledge..Social work must have council and it should treat as professional course..
87Alvin P ShajiCHRIST UNIVERSITYCHRIST UNIVERSITY, BANGALOREKarnatakaKindly approve our request Sir.We need our course as professional.
88Antony Raju VMunnade Social OrganisationRoshni Nilaya, MangaloreKarnatakaRecognition will help in developing the profession further and increase the professionalism further.
89SARTHAK MOHANTYStudentCHRIST DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITYOrissaIts a good and worthy cause ..
90Narasimhappa GICICI foundationGarden city collegeKarnatakaI completed master of social work please consider as The professionals
91BHARATH BHUSHAN.M.NNarayana Multispeciality Hospital, MysoreMýs?r? UniversityKarnatakaDear Sir, Please consider Social Work as a professional course and we the psychiatric social workers we need a recognition like RCI to work better in clinical field (Psychiatric Social Work). So on behalf of all social work professionals I am requesting ministry of human resources development and university grants commission to form a council for social work profession. Thanking you Regards
92Dr Sheeja KaralamDepartment of Sociology and Social workCHRIST (Deemed to be University)KarnatakaSigning the petition.
93Manjistha SharmaChrist UniversityChrist UniversityAssamSocial Work is a professional course because it too have various skill and techniques to deal with their clients. It is a nobel professional indeed and thus require appreciation and support to work more effectively and efficiently.
94Dr T S ChandrashekaraPsychiatric Social WorkDept.of Social Work, Bangalore University/ Spandana Nursing home, Bangalore-560010, KarnatakaKarnatakaStarting Social Work Council is necessary as it provides both legel and professional Base for practice of professional social work. This is a UGC recognised professional course .
95Rituporna DharLGBRIMHLGBRIMHAssamIt will be good if we have our own council
96JOSEPH NARESH SSRI BALAJI VIDYAPEETH UNIVERSITY PONDICHERRYLOYOLA COLLEGE CHENNAIPuducherryAs we need professional recognition we need the UGC AND MHRD to recognise Social Work course as a professional one.
97Arjun.k.tDISADon Bosco arts and science collegeKerala????????????
98SomaInstitute of PsychiatryDept of Psychiatric Social WorkWest BengalIt is a professional course worldwide in major countries. People get license to practice it and get paid hourly by client elsewhere. Why we are left behind! Isn't it a typical definition of third world country! Please make it a progress.
99Ganesh LakshmanSt.maris HospitalJSS Medical collegeKarnatakaWe are professional social worker
100Harisha S MEngender HealthPost graduation center, Bangalore UniversityKarnatakaConsider our MSW course also a Professional course.
101Salva MPYouth4jobs foundationPondicherryTamil NaduI support
102Selvi Nithya SDepartment of Social WorkPondicherry UniversityPuducherrySoon our Social Work profession will be glorifying in India. Social Work Council is our Right. We are the real ethical professionals!!!! We are for the people working the people !!!
103Baiarbha MassarKaziranga UniversityAssam Don Bosco UniversityMegalayaSocial Work is a profession that has been in existence since 1936. No one can deny the contribution the profession as a whole has made. We should definitely move forward but not backward as in this case. Its high time for the government to recognise and declare it as a full fledged professional course.
104Satheesh KAashrayam Rural Development Society,Kollengode.CPGSSW,Wayanad.KeralaWe need council for Social Work Profession..
105KantharajDeaddication centreBanglore universityKarnatakaGuruji
106Rakesh. HMswDr.Ambedkar Govt. Arts collegeTamil NaduSocial work is a professional course
107Ilora Barik SilInstitute of Psychiatry, KolkataVSSWWest BengalPost Graduate social workers should be given immense recognition as it is the most relevant field for helping in the social crisis as they are experts in their professional field.Thry are equipped with required professional knowledge and expertise.
108Dr. S. Ubahara SahayarajNational Institute of Mental Heath and Neurosciences, BangaruLoyola College ChennaiTamil NaduI support at the same time bar all colleges which does not have minimum standards that are prescribed by NAAC.
109Muthu Kumar MNIMHANS BengaluruMadurai Institute of social sciences affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj UniversityTamil NaduProfessional social workers are those who have done their masters or doctorate in social work discipline. Social workers are equipped with the knowledge of human behaviour,it’s development and deviations. Also competent enough to work in corrective , curative and promotive level.As they are trained and supervised in different levels during their curriculum.
110NARENDRA KUMAR SINGHCentral Institute of PsychiatryBHUJharkandI herewith give my concern to formulation of council for social work professionals.
111Nagesha HVDepartment of Social Work, Government First Grade College Ajjampura, Chikkamagaluru District KarnatakaGovernment First Grade College Ajjampura, Chikkamagaluru District KarnatakaKarnatakaSocial Work have a professional bodies throughout the country. Even in India the Social Work started from 1936. Most of the Social Work professionals working for development of society so please consider the request oad give opportunity to star social work council.
112Dr.GundappaBengalore North UniversityPGC KolarKarnatakaI support MSW is professional cource and we should have council MHRD should take a positive step
113Purna Chandra PaweAtmikhakaziranga university,Jorhat assamAssamevery government college shuld include social work department. In assam their is no social work department in colleges. their is no BSW course in colleges of assam
114Dr C.SivakumarJIPMER HospitalLoyola collegePuducherryCouncil will strengthen not only the profession but also the welfare of the deserving.
115B S CharumathiM. S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research FoundationMadurai Institute of Social SciencesTamil NaduMasters of Social work is a professional course. Education not only gives knowledge, it should also teaches ethics of life and develops a good citizen and human. Social work really did it to me. During our course of study we are trained a lot in our field work (practicals) inspite of summer, winter and rain. Most of the time we even miss the important family functions for our field work. We not only dedicate our knowledge and learning, we also dedicate us holistically to our profession, social work. And that is what we are taught by our social work professors.
116KT. ArasuAlternative for India DevelopmentMadurai Institute of Social WorkTamil NaduWe urge UGC and Goverment of Indi to revert the decision not to accord the professional status to Social Work course. We also request the Goverment to constitute professional council to regulate the professional traing and practice of Social Work.
117Dr C.SivakumarJIPMER HospitalLoyola collegePuducherryStrengthen the profession by the council.
118Dr C.SivakumarJIPMER HospitalLoyola collegePuducherryStrengthen the profession by council
119Sudharsan Vignesh. CAHANA HOSPITALSMadurai Institute of Social SciencesTamil NaduSupport forming a Council for Professional Social Work... Let's wait for the positive Result.
120ShasinleSocial work departmentBosco instituteNagalandSocial work is highly needed in every department.. So I highly requested the concern authority to look the matter and take the MSW as a professional courses. Thank you
121SindiyaSocial workerMISSTamil NaduGood
122Krishan KumarPGIMER ChandigarhTata Institute of Social ScienceChandigarhWe are professional and this Social Work council is our right.
123Ananda N LGovernment First Grade CollegeGFGC, AjjampuraKarnatakaKindly, do the needful
124Ankita duttaLokapriya gopinath bordoIoi regional institute of mental healthbosco instituteAssamI would like to mention social work course as a professional course and yes it should format a council for the social work profession.
125GANESH KothalkarBHELCollage of social work jalgaonMaharashtraI strongly support.
126Dr.R.JAYALAKSHMIJIPMER,PUDUCHERRYBHARATHIDIDASAN UNIVERSITYPuducherryForming council gives professional recognition to all social workers..
127Chhandabani MannaSociety of Midwives IndiaVidyasagar School of Social WorkWest BengalI support this and strongly agree to mainstreaming social work profession
128JEANNY FAIRLY GASHNGADEICAssam Don Bosco UniversityMegalayaSocial work is a professional course. It is the most inneed course of the hour. Without Social workers imagine the plight of the weaker sections of the community and society
129Shahin Kaushar AhmedYoung achievers foundationKaziranga UniversityAssamIt is very necessary to form council of social work profession
130Rebek Lalruatdiki KhiangteFull Life Access TrustBosco Institute JorhatMizoramI studied Social Work and now Social Work is my profession. Professional Social workers need recognition and benefits like other profession for the betterment of the society
131Milan SanaSeva KendraIGNOUWest BengalPlease allow MSW as a professional management course.
132KathyMizoram universityMizoram universityMizoramI support this request
133Hebol Borgoyary..Assam Don Bosco UniversityAssamI support the cause
134SIVANGNANAM PJIPMERPONDICHERRY UNIVERSITYPuducherrySocial work discipline will improve the human being through their application of various methods like case work and group work. Apart from this will find a solution for so many social issues through social work research. Engineering and other courses will improve the individual life.. but the social work studies will develop the entire society. So through this action UGC should add this course in to their professional list .
135Neeta vermaState Gov.Central institute of psychiatryUttar PradeshWe want separate counsel
136GurucharanNIMHANSNINHANSKarnatakaWhen government support all University to provide course in social work there should be respect for our course as professional course.
137Susmita NahaIGNOUVidyasagar Srimiti MandirWest BengalThere are so many policies sanctioned for the vulnerable, sadly nothing gets implemented until social workers get involved. How can the rights of social workers of getting higher degree and skills as professionals be denied !!? Highly disappointed. We strongly oppose .
138Edlina KerkettaLGBRIMH,TezpurLGBRIMHAssamJustice is not done to the social work profession.As like other profession Social work is also a profession which follows its own ethics and values and principles. It is needed to be recognise as a profession.
139Maneesha MuraliStudentMercy College PalakkadKeralaMSW course should be recognized as a professional course
140Jayati MukherjiMunicipalityBidyasagr school of social workWest BengalWe are the professional social worker loves our duty n nation as well.please do recognize us
141Supraja T ANational Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)NIMHANSKarnatakaA regulatory council is of utmost importance for ensuring that social work practice is carried out keeping with the principles, as well as scientific and ethical guidelines of the profession. For this, it is also essential that practitioners get formally certified for practicing the same.
142MEGHA MAITYVSSWJayprakash Institute for social changeWest BengalSocial work should be a subject in our school syllabus
143Mehraj Ahmad MalikNo organizationIGNOUJammu and KashmirI request the Ministry of Human Resources Development to Declare Post Graduate Social Work Course as Professional Courses.
144ABHISHEK MALAKARSocial Work DepartmentAssam UniversityAssamPlease We Are Not Demanding But Want to know as professional
145Janaki Devi.SMSW HRDMChrist (deemed to be) UniversityKeralaSocial work should be recognized as a profession
146Ajinas PuramchalilIQRAA HospitalPondicherry universityKeralaSupport
147Prabhu.PDodla Dairy LtdMadurai Institute of Social SciencesTamil NaduWe are working with people and it's need to be consider as a professional course .
148S RambabuNatco pharma limitedBangalore universityKarnatakaIt is need of the hour
149Sandeep sharmaAIIMSIGNOUDelhiPlz support
150Dr. P. N. NarayanarajaBoys Town SocietyMadurai Institute Of Social SciencesTamil NaduForm the Social Work Council.
151Vivyn MathewNew Hope, KumbanadShree Devi college of Social Work, MangaloreKeralaI am a practicing Social Worker Working in the area of mental health, With education qualification of MSW and MPhil in Psychiatric Social Work
152A. Dhinesh KumarEKAM foundationMadurai Institute of social science, MaduraiTamil NaduPlease decler social work is a professional course,
154Manam Rachayita RaoDMHP,, NMHP, Srikakulam._____Andhra PradeshKindly consider my request
155Shivendra bhushan singhESIC HospitalMGCG University, ChitrakutDelhiRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
156Gariganti Lakshmi narsimha RaoNATCO CSRRodamistry College of social work and Research centreAndhra PradeshThis is great initiative..
157Sohan S SiyadStydentBCMKeralaMSW is a professional course
158Shishir SharmaCentral University of Himachal PradeshCentral University of Himachal PradeshHimachal PradeshKindly declare social work courses as professional course and it should be taught from very beginning from school level to improve the quality of living and to inculcate the feeling of social welfare in student vision in broader sense.....
159UmeshaGovernmentGovt. Degree College, YadgirKarnatakaconsider and establish the professional body or counsil of social work
160Jijish.MHoly Cross IMTHoly Cross IMTKeralaLet's walk together
161ARUTKUMARAN. M.PWELL WISHERS NETWORKMADURAI INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCESTamil NaduWe pray you, Please provide the status to MSW course as a Professoinal course. Social Workers should be a Professional persons.
162K. SelvanathanDon Bosco CollegeMahendra College of Arts and ScienceTamil NaduIts my right to be a professional social worker
163S. Sherly MargaretThenkudu FederationDon Bosco CollegeTamil NaduSocial work must be announced as professional
164Rahul ChakrabortyMANT, KolkataVidyasagar School of Social Work, Vidyasagar UniversityWest BengalWe are looking forward to an immidiate and effective action.
165Surisetti SrinivasTISSTISSAndhra PradeshExpress my solidarity for the cause of concern
166Anshitha .N.MNethaji social work AssociationNethaji college nenmaraKeralaSocial is a profession
167J.sureshGovernment sectorAimssTamil NaduSocial work is a professional
168G K SathyanarayananCEO, Gandhigram TrustMadurai Institute of Social WorkTamil NaduRequest you to classify it as a Professional Course
169AlfredTtk HospitalLoyola CollegeTamil NaduSocial work is my profession
170Dr. U. Kavya JyotsnaDr B R Ambedkar University SrikakulamCollege of ArtsAndhra PradeshKindly accept the petition and do the needful
171P. MOORTHYStrengthening of Grossroot Milk Structure, Tamilnadu.Madurai Institute of Social WorkTamil NaduNeedful help to arrange for us. Recognition is more important that should be added our value social work. We're entered almost each and every place.
172PratheepaPROVISONS. T. Hindu College NagercoilTamil NaduSocial work is a noble procession. We need council for this in India.
173Logos RohmingthangaCommunity DevelopmentBosco Institute, Jorhat, Assam.MizoramI believe Master of Social Work will be recognize as a Professional course with this initiative. For the world needs a Professional Social Worker to strengthen the people who are in seeking of support.
174Mogili VijenderDr.Reddys FoundationTISSAndhra PradeshRecognition of all Social sciences as professional courses is very important
175Priyakshi NeogBosco InstituteBosco InstituteAssamWaiting for a positive step
176Bharath KumarAdministrative Staff College of IndiaTata Institute of Social SciencesAndhra PradeshPlz look into then above requests
177Mohan Kumar RKarnataka state mental health authorityBengaluru UniversityKarnatakaSocial work as profession
178Payel DuttaVidyasagar universityJpiscWest BengalI am proud to be a professional social worker
179AKHIL SASIBSWNETHAJI COLLEGE NEMMARAKeralawe are also students who studied for a excat result.
180Dulsine CrastaShanthi Sandesha TrustSt. Aloysious collegeKarnatakaSetting up National Council for Professional Social Work will bring back the quality and standards of social work. It is also acknowledging the great contribution of social workers in nation building through development and reforms
181Baiakmen S HekSocial Welfare DepartmentAlva's College of Social Work, Moodbidri KarnatakaMegalayaIt's time Social work to be recognised as a Professional course. Moreover it should be added in the curriculum as optional subject for public service exams so that we can opt to appear in our own field/subject.
182Anjali BarlaCollegeBosco Institute, JorhatAssamWe need recognition in the society. The word social work has a different meaning which is very different from what actually it is. Let the struggle brings a fruitful end.
183Ashokan.LSIR WELFARE TRUSTLoyola collegeTamil NaduDeclare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Course
184Badrity diengdohNorth Eastern Indira Gandhi regional institute of health & medical sciencesAlva's college, Alva's education foundation, moodbidri, mangaloreMegalayaThe professional social workers are in their field with skilful tools and techniques bringing about an effective overall change in the individual or society. Many organisation are asking higher qualification because qualified social workers are reqd in the field. High time to streamline and balanced all professional courses together.. It's the need of the Hour
185Dr.ChristinaPrivateSt.ClaretKarnatakaYes pl declare social work as a professional coirse
186Boominathan RJIPMER HospitalPondicherry UniversityTamil NaduShould recognize as professional course of social work
187Ravikumar GSCMILJnanabharathi campus(Bangalore)KarnatakaPlease recognise social work as a professional job.
188A.MARY VICTORIAGovt TamilnaduStella Maris College Chennai 1989-1991Tamil NaduSocial work degree should be recognised as a professional course and given due importance and treated on par with other professional courses
189Dr.S.HaranathDepartment of Social workAndhra University, VisakhapatnamAndhra PradeshThe course has its own significance and students are trained through field work exposure. The course follows professional ethics and code of conduct.
190Dr. G. SanjeevayyaDept. of Social WorkDr. B.R. Ambedkar University Srikakulam, Etcherla- 532 410Andhra PradeshSocial Work is a Professional Course and kindly make arrangements to set up a National Social Work Council in India.
191DINESH SNoDr. Ambedkar government arts clgTamil NaduJust we want our rights.....
192KaruppasamyVillage InvestSri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya college of arts and science, CoimbatoreTamil NaduPlease do the needful.
193Muhamme Nisar CKAPSAdaikalamatha colleg TanjavurKeralaSocial work is professional course.
194DANIEL SELVAStudentNational Institute of Mental Health and Neuro SciencesTamil NaduSocial work is a profession deals with human relations and which helps to fill the gaps of every settings.. now we were raising our voices for this cohncil
195AKHILESH KUMAR CHAURASIYAAIIMS, NEW DELHIMahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith , VaranasiUttar PradeshIt's a very fruitful effort. Kindly make it possible.
196ShenbakamNAMadras School of social workTamil NaduIndia needs professional social workers in all field. If the profession is not recognized, charity will be considered as social work, volunteers will do the work and the professional service will be diluted or worse will never add value.
197Ninad JhalaSardar Patel UniversityAnand Institute of Social WorkGujaratSocial work is a profession. Social workers are professionals.
198Dr. A. D. NundiynyUravugal social welfare trustMadras school of social workTamil NaduAm proud to be a social worker. We want social work coucil
199Amal JoseMadras school of social workMadras School Of Social WorkKeralaPlease do the needy
200GangadharanCollegeMadurai institute of social sciencesTamil NaduWe are professionals How did u bring back our professionalism
201Anshu somNational mental health program UPCHAUDHARY CHARAN SINGH UNIVERSITY MEERUTUttar PradeshYes it's our right. Another thing we want acknowledge our profession, degree as well as our specialization too. We earn hard degrees after so long social battle being a professional social worker/ psychiatric social worker... It's our right
202Dr.Shanivaram Reddy.KNIMHANSDept of Psychiatric Social WorkKarnatakaSocial work is a profession and we need council to strengthen our profession
203VenkateshNIMHANSNIMHANSAndhra PradeshWe need a council to protect the social work course.
204Neyaz AhmadRINPASRanchi UniversityJharkandMonitoring and promotion makes professional affective.
205PriyankaMadras school of social workMadras school of social workTamil NaduSocial work is my profession. We need social work as a professional course and formation of council
206M,Beula Bel JanagaDistrict child protection UnitAmerican CollegeTamil NaduPlease Form council for social work profession
207Shrikant PawarMIMH PUNEMimh puneMaharashtraKindly needful
208ARPUTHA ROYAL DASS.T.JLOYOLA collegeLoyola CollegeTamil NaduWe want council for Social Work Profession.
209Farhana Yashmin HazarikaKaziranga UniversityTISS GuwahatiAssamI fully support the cause.
210Rajanikant BhosaleGyanprakash foundationYashwantrao chavan school of Social work sataraMaharashtraNeed social as recoagnize degree
211Jasna RajanManappuram FoundationSree Shankaracharya university of SanskritKeralaSocial work
212Srinatha mPswa BangaloreBangalore universityKarnatakaWe need of some facility s and government job ,
213Jinu SebastianHospitalBVM Holycross college cherpunkalKeralaRequesting for the formation of council for social worker profession
214BANDANA SAIKIAB borooah cancer instituteUniversity of science and technology meghalayaAssamWe should be recognized and acknowledge
215Ridhi thakerHospitalIOPWest BengalI support you
216Torsa DasGovernment HospitalInstitution of PsychiatryWest BengalThis is necessary for us.
217Prioma dasCipCipJharkandKindly consider us
218Dr. Dipanjan BhattacharjeeCIP RanchiCentral Institute of Psychiatry, RanchiJharkandSocial Work has been emerged as clinical discipline which requires high degree of knowlegde & skills. In Western World (USA, European Countries, Australia and New Zealand) the Discipline of Professional Social WORK is monitored & supervised by the Licencing & Accreditating Statutory Body just like Medical Professionals, Nurses, Dentristry, etc. This way the quality of service of social workers is improved & they are made to be accountable to someone for their jobs & at the same time there is a presence of an APEX STATUTORY AUTHORITY who can monitor their professional works
219Joby thomasNational Health MissionRVS CollegeKeralaI support this initiative's
220Arkita PalManobikshan Neuro Psychiatric ClinicInstitute of PsychiatryWest BengalNeed to manage the social challenges and issues are high in demand. So, the action to be carried as early as possible for brining the betterment as whole.
221Rashi BishtBswAmity UniversityDelhiThis change should really come. This is because our country really need social workers.
222Mohd Daniyal UsmaniDepartment of social workDr Bhim Rao Ambedkar collegeDelhiThe counsil of social work profession should be establish so that social work should be consider as a profession in india
223Saurabh KumarHIHTHNBGUUttarakhandPlease do the needful
224Patrick Jude L.NIMHANSNIMHANSKarnatakaSocial Work has made tremendous positive change in millions of Indians for almost a century... Still lacks recognition...
225Prasad KannekantiPGIMER-Dr RML HospitalUniversity Arts & Science College,WarangalTelanganaSocial Work is a professional course, It’s based on theory & practice
226Sumaiya.SMercy College PalakkadMercy College PalakkadKeralaRequest to make pg social work course as professional social work
227Trupti KadamSaksham FoundationSNDT women's UniversityMaharashtraWe want to be recognized as professional..
228Priyanka BakshiHospitalInstitute of psychiatryWest BengalThis course should be a mandatory because social work profession has a crucial role in dealing with problem.
229N SRINIVASANMadurai mohans medicity hospitalAaruoadai veedu medical collegePuducherryI extremely support to professionalize our social work education.
230Soumi KhanIOPIOPWest Bengal.
231RanjithaAdyar Cancer InstituteLady Doak CollegeTamil NaduSocial work is a professional course
232Jhilam BandyopadhyayDMHPVidyasagar School of Social WorkWest BengalPlease do the needful to enlist social work as professional course. Thank you.
233SANTOSH KUMAR NAYAKCentral institute of psychiatryCentral institute of psychiatryJharkandSupport for social work as professional subject
234Pallavi SaxenaDistrict Hospital Banda UPCIP Ranchi jharkhandUttar PradeshPlease Consider it
235PurnimaAdbocsteUl L CKarnatakaReuest to
236AnithaHoly cross college socialnwoek departmentHoly cross collegeTamil Naduprofessional status is not given to social workers please remove the OT and PT from its status bec occupational therapy and our syllabus are in same status
237Dr. R SrinivasuAndhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasham University, Ongole, Andhra PradeshAndhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam University Campus,Andhra PradeshKindly, Recognise The Master of Social Work Programme as a Professional Course at PG level, it's very need to the society for all round development.
238Mereena jacobKerala Association of Proffessional Social WorkersBVM Hplycross College cherppunkalKeralaThis is the proffession which is redefing the society for its betterment.
239Dr.SivakumarManasukhaMANASUKHA CounsellingTamil NaduProfessional Council required
240M.PalanichsmyRotary blossom mission mental health. TheniMiss maduraiTamil NaduPlease recognize social work as professional one.
241Dr.M.AnuradhaDr.B.R.Ambedkar Univetsity SrikakulamDepartment of Social workAndhra PradeshSocial work must be recognised as professional course.
242Rachapudi rathnakishoreSociology & social workAchrya nagarjuna university phds, scholarAndhra PradeshThis is need full & very good& very great achievement for social work ,students & faculties.
243BowyaaMadras universityPatrician college of arts and scienceTamil NaduKindly declare the post graduate social work course as professional course.
244Smrutilekha DashMHI (COE), SCB MCH, CuttackNIMHANSOrissaPositive action in this regard will motivate social workers throughout the country to perform their job enthusiastically and will have a positive impact on the self esteem of the social workers.
245Harish kumar PHumam resource developmemtBangalore university jnanabharathiKarnatakaPlease do the needful
246M.meganathanKanchipuram municipality . tamilnaduTamil unvarsitykTamil NaduKindly pass a bill immediately. Social work courses are professional course
247DevisriVidyasagar NGOMadras school of social workTamil NaduMany people already face problem in getting job and pay is not at minimum wage in this case if no council and not Proffesional means really difficult to work in community.when we work for other identity but we forgot to think about us.
248Lavinia lyngdohNIMHANSNIMHANSMegalayaI support . Formation of social work council is need of the hour. Social work has rural camp, field work and block field work which is purely professional.
249Preeti singh..Ch.charan singh universityUttar PradeshCentral and state univeraities are running master in social work as a professional cousre but unfortunately after more then 70 years we have not yet able to form counsil because however it is still unrecognised section by the superior autorities... It is my humble request to provide kind consideration to make it convenient for those who have passed & seeking to get in Social Work to draw a difference. Thank you.
250Upashana kashyapStudent orgHPB Girls CollegeAssamSocial works helps the society to build a better place to live in. Vocational courses on schools colleges must be taught on social works for broadening the minds of people..
251Sadhu ashokISPSWTelangana UniversityTelanganaAbsolute. Supporting
252Nitin AntonyDr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New DelhiPGIMER, Dr RML Hospital, New DelhiDelhiSigning for Social work Council in India
253Dhritishree DasDr. RML HospitalPGIMER Dr. RML Hospital, New DelhiDelhiSigning for formation of Social Work Council in India
254Sakani PariatHealth DepartmentPondicherry UniversityMegalayaSocial work should be considered a professional course since we in the field of social work undergo alot of practical work during our course of study and whatever we have learn in theory we have to implement it during our field work.
255Sukanya MukherjeeInstitute of Psychiatry, Center of excellence, kolkataWomen's College CalcuttaWest BengalPlease from council for social work profession, it will be great help for us
256Trishita SutPrivateTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamI fully support this
257Samuel KharsohnohTata Institute of Social ScienceTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamOne should consider the impact of social workers in developing the nation. Hence recognizing social work as a profession can help catalyze the work in a better way.
258Palash MandalGovernment General Degree College Gopiballavpur IICentral Institute of PsychiatryWest BengalAll developed countries have strong regulatory council of professional social worker.
259DineshWomen and child developmentNagarjuna universityAndhra PradeshI am Dinesh PHD social work scholar.
260Jyotishmoy DekaTata TrustsTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamRequesting the Ministry of Human Resources Development to ??• Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses. ??• Initiate intervention with other concerned ministries for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession.
261Nimmy GeorgeBluebells school internationalMadras school of social workDelhiThis should be taken into account urgently. Please consider this request for the future of our country and the social workers in it.
262Amrita GoswamiNoH.p.b girls collegeAssami want to join because i love to help
263Subash JosephSelf PractitionerSt. Joseph's College, Devagiri, CalicutKeralaIt is one of the most disappointing decisions taken by the Ministry and the magnitude of which is huge when we think in the context of 21st century India that need the involvement of professionally trained and qualified Social Workers to address the many problems it faces. The rest of the world is progressing by realising and recognising professionalism in Social Work day by day and we are walking back to medieval standards. Highly Disappointing
264Madhavi rani mandapakaFreelanceAndhra universityAndhra PradeshDeclare social work as professional course
265DheerajKudumbashree missionCPGSSWKeralaKindly requested to convert MSW as a professional course. It is very relevent issue in the present scenario.
266Vimla NadkarniInternational Association of Schools of Social WorkTata institute of Social SciencesMaharashtraSocial work education is internationally recognised as education for the creation of a cadre of professional social workers. The international definition of social work also recognises social work as an academic discipline and practice profession. UGC itself had supported social work as a professional programme all these years. Hence this sudden change is shocking and unacceptable.
267Sankarammasocial workspmvvAndhra Pradeshyes support
268Tanaya SenguptaGovernment hospitalInstitute of psychiatryWest BengalIt is necessary for every psychiatric social worker. It can enhance their professional specification.
269Tanaya SenguptaGovernment hospitalInstitute of psychiatryWest BengalIt is necessary for every psychiatric social worker. It can enhance their professional specification.
270Amrita Goswamihemo prova borbora girls collegeH.p.b girls collegeAssamI want to join it so please kindly approve my request
271AbragamGrace Vision CentreTNOUTamil NaduKindly consider our appeal
272TRUEMON T AMUTHOOTSSUS KALADYKerala??• Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses. ??• Initiate intervention with other concerned ministries for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession.
273Amrita Goswamihemo prova borbora girls collegeH.p.b girls collegeAssamI wants join please approve my request
274V.laxmanVaradhiMR PG collegeAndhra PradeshPls
275Anju Mary JosephChildline PathanamthittaSt. Berchumans College, ChaganasseryKeralaWe should recognized as professionals
276Richa SharmaDr. RML hospitalIp UniversityDelhiIt's important to provide recognition and formal body of knowledge to social work profession.
277Jestin AnthonyOscar Development partnersCollege of social work, Nirmala NiketanMaharashtraIt's high time that social workers are seen as professionals and that the social work course is recognized as a professional course.
278ManjuGG hospitalMar Gregorios College of Arts and ScienceTamil NaduVoice for rights at right time.Presence of Social Workers is essential in all sectors and this shall be implemented only through such council
279Jaspreet SinghUniversityCentral university of JammuJammu and Kashmir.
280Y. ChandraiahPrajwalaAndhra universityAndhra PradeshRespect Sir Please pass this bill
281Niraj Kumar singhRajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth DevlopmentRGNIYDTamil NaduRight direction but need to promote in young social work
282Kamala varuduAndhra universityAndhra universityAndhra PradeshSocial work is a professional course. It has to be promoted and more opportunities should be provided to the social workers for society's betterment.
283Satender kumarFresherMjpru bareilyUttar PradeshThis council will be very important for professional social workers
284Dr. Swagatika SamalSambalpur UniversitySambalpur UniversityOrissaFormation of a social work council in the country is a must and need of the hour.
285V.Maria Martina SheebaEnoia Babcock Borsig Pvt LtdLoyola CollegeTamil NaduSocial work is a profession
286Kamal MahanandaPraxhesta TrustSambalpur UniversityOrissaRecognition of social work education and profession is very much needed in view of many social issues prevailing in our nation. If research & professional education would be considered as regular course in colleges & universities, more academias will be interested to get into the profession and it would facilitate the students to get ready for social intervention for change in society. Hence request your accordance for our appeal.
287SAILU DOBBALAGovtGovt Degree &PG; College KamareddyTelanganaWe are asked to my rights pswa
288Roqaiya PerweenNoAligarh Muslim UniversityUttar PradeshProfessional social work council should be formed
289Venkateshwar Rao.p.O.I.S.C.A.INTERNATIONAL. HYDERABAD CHAPTER.ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITYAndhra PradeshI request to recognise the MSW Course as Professional course.
290VirupakshaDepartment of Social WorkBangalore UniversityKarnatakaI work as a guest faculty of social work and I request the concerned department to provide council for our professional course
291Anamta ishratAligarh muslim universityAligarh muslim universityUttar PradeshI am in full support fod the bsw course to be a professional course
292Md. Masihur RahamanRehab India FoundationPondicherry UniversityWest BengalIt's a great Initiative taken by you. We really need this council.
293K. ZonunsiamiBosco MSWBosco InstituteAssamAcknowledge social work courses as a professional course
294SureshBala VikasaPondicherry universityTelanganaI Agree
295AmirthaStudentLady Doak CollegeTamil NaduIt's a much needed profession for current situation!
296Lalhruaitluangi sailoVanapa SocietyBosco Institute Lifeplus Baghchung JorhatMizoramI really do support on this issues and wish that it will be granted, being a professional social worker we do need to be call and tern a real professional sociak worker
297Dasari YedukondaluRural DevelopmentAcharya Nagarjuna UniversityAndhra PradeshPass the Bill Social Work is a Professional Course
298Smita pattnaikNayagarh autonomous collegeNayagarh autonomous collegeOrissaWe want justice
299Sanjeeb Kumar mohantaStudentSambalpur University, odishaOrissaSocial work field is very much required in India.
300Ibanrishisha kurbahMedical and psychiatric socialworkBosco Institte JorhatMegalayaSocial work course is a professsional course it should be recognized by the government...
301Kegitar L. LyngkhoiMeghalaya Basin Development AuthoritySt. Edmund's CollegeMegalayaI need to be recognised & acknowledged
302SphoorthiHospitalNilKarnatakaWe are Professionals!
303Dr.Jayachandran.DMarivanios college Nalanchira,Trivandrum IGROUP study CentreLoyola College & KAPS President TrivandrumKeralaMSW is a professional Course with code of ethics and Licensing system in other countries.
304MOHAMMAD AZHARAligarh Muslim UniversityAligarh Muslim UniversityUttar Pradeshsocial work is a professional which is not much seen in India . Peoples are unaware of the subject / profession .
305Bindu Rani PInstitutionDr.M.V.Shetty college of social work.KarnatakaI request for recognizing social work as profession
306Dr. Swagatika SamalSambalpur UniversityDepartment of Social Work, Sambalpur UniversityOrissaWe demand to have a social work Council in India for such a noble profession. At the same time the course needs to be recognized and declared as a professional course.
307Purbita ChowdhuryCurrently StudentTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamThis council is mandatory
308Surojit sarmahChildaid NetworkBosco Institute , Jorhat , AssamAssamI would like to request the Ministry of Human Resources Development to ??• Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses. ??• Initiate intervention with other concerned ministries for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession. .
309MadhaviIcdsNagarjuna UniversityAndhra Pradesh????
310Novareen umdorSocial welfare DepttTata Institute of Social SciencesMegalayaI feel that MSW is a professional course Degree which needs recognition due to our contribution towards the upliftment of our society as a whole
311GopiArunothyaPresidency college Chennai IndiaTamil NaduDeclare MSW course to professional it Our kindly request to UGC
312K. Jercelin FaustinaStudent at mssw collegeMadras school of social WorkTamil NaduI strongly agree that the social work is a professional course. It has enough of content in the field work practices , skills, principles,models, approaches, ethical values. So it hold everything enough like other professional courses. The important information here I want to mention is most of the fields are recognised in india so comparing to that social work deserves it. professions are working for the individual & their family in particular area but in social worker have been working for the welfare of the everyone. It's also specialised & involved in governmental activities in policy, programmes. So it is very much worth to take part in professional courses.
313Dr Shiddappa MadarEducationGovernment first grade college KR Nagar, MysoreKarnatakaHi
314Girish vGovernmentGfgc kr nagarKarnatakaIt is very important please implement
315Jigisha Manoj YadavMohan foundationSndt universityMaharashtraKindly Declare Post Graduation course of social work as a professional course.
316Parishmita DuttaNYKSRajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth DevelopmentTamil NaduSocial work course should be declared as professional course.
317Phibanraplin KharsatiStudentBosco InstituteAssamPlease hear us.
318Mande.Jaya rajuRaja FoundationVikrama Simhapuri universityAndhra PradeshPresent situation in our country to construct better society in all departments should need social enjaneers help and support please provide an opportunity to all professional social workers to reconstruct our society .Thank you
319Naidu MakireddySociety of visakha Network of Positive Members (SVNP+)CSN P.G College BhimavaramAndhra Pradeshplease provided job in Social worker Field all Students.
320Dr. K. MaheswariBharathidasan UniversityBharathidasan UniversityTamil NaduSocial Work course is professional in nature and it transforms people with problem to a well developed and civilized citizen and helps the people to lead their life with harmony
321Ebsil SherilBharathiar UniversityBharathiar UniversityTamil NaduNeed for Social Work council
322Raja RajeswariSathguru management consultantsRoda Mistry college of social workTelanganaPls do the needful as requested in the letter
323Laridashisha KharpranMeghalaya Basin Management AgencyBosco Institute, JorhatMegalayaIt's high time to recognise us as professional Social Workers in our Country
324Prof.Saraswati Raju IyerAcharya Nagarjuna UniversityANU College of Arts,Commerce & LawAndhra PradeshSocial Work is a Profession and there’s a need for social work professionals in our country.
325Katta Narendar ReddyTelangana UniversityDepartment of Social WorkTelanganaSocial work is a profession.
326Prabhul ThomasBacasBishop appasamy collage of arts and science coimbatoreTamil NaduDeclare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses. ??• Initiate intervention with other concerned ministries for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession.
327Mayank KumarEkla Chalo A.O.U.R.D. (NGO)Dept. of Psychiatric Social Work, Institute of Psychiatry - Centre of Excellence, Kolkata, W.B. University of Health SciencesWest BengalPlease accept our all demands which are very logical in nature. We, professional and trained social workers only need to practice with dignity for the principles we have chosen the field of practice and study.
328Naba Krishna BorahUnited Nation Development ProgramBOSCO INSTITUTE, JORHAT, ASSAMAssamWanted to be recognised as a professional social worker.
329K. Srikanth NaikMedha charitable trustRoda mistry college of social workTelanganaSocial work is my profession and support professional social workers in government departments.
330B.Venkat Kishan RaoGovt.employee .Telagana StateR M College of Social WorkTelanganaSocial work is professional Course and it should have state and National Council
331Avijit MajumdarSelfIGNOUWest BengalI support.
332Seema NallaniIndependent counsellor and psychotherapistRodi mistry College of social work .HyderabadTelanganaProfessional social work is and will be always a professional course.
333Vaishali LonkarNot working presentlyRoda Mistry College of Social WorkTelanganaYes, there is no doubt that Social Work is a profession....most of the people synonymously use social work with social service, which has to be corrected. It's possible only when Social Work profession gets its due regocnition and dignity within no time. This degree not just meant for societal change but the person herself/himself undergoes positive changes if taken up seriously. I strongly recommend this petition...thank you!!!!
334Mahesh VanamNIRD PRRoda Mistry College of Social Work and Research CenterTelanganaThe Master of Social Work is a Professional course as the curriculum is highly designed by the eminent philosophers, professors and scholars to inculcate the knowledge, skills and practical approach to the studnets community to show the pragmatic solutions to the societal problems.
335Atindra PaulEkla chaloVidyasagar collegeWest BengalKindly do the required.
336Lucy Mary Joans SutngaChildaid NetworkBosco InstituteMegalayaWe have been fighting for the Rights of others, this petition will help us get our own Rights too.
337Neha GangawatSouth Kolkata sannidhyaIndira Gandhi National open universityWest BengalI support this
338M HarinderRoda Mistry college of social work and research centreRoda Mistry College of social work and research centreTelanganaSocial work is professional course. It is been practised in the developed countries, which has been a noble profession and enabled people. USA is one of the example for huge recognition
339Kevin Sonthensei HaokipNot yet workingpTata Institute of Social SciencesManipurKindly please implement our demand Immediatelyp
340Neha ChaturvediACFIndore School of Social WorkMadhya PradeshPls accept our request. I are working in the same sector from past 9 years and putting my efforts as Social Work Professional. Thanks
341Manita SharmaKshamataSNDTMaharashtraI am supporting.
342Shivaraj kumar mBangalore North UniversityPG CENTRE KOLARKarnatakaConsider as a professional course.
343EDLURI MAHESHRakshanaA.N.U.P.G.Campus,Ongole,AndhrapradeshAndhra PradeshSocial Work profession is my right
344Srinivas .sHome Fundraising IndiaO.UTelanganaWe work for a better society, as a social worker need to be recognition and respect .
345Namita SarkarMinistry of Housing & Urban AffairsS.S.K.M & IPGMER HospitalWest BengalAs a SOCIAL WORKER I am in a profession which need expertise ,Skills & knowledge & I gain it from my MSW course then I become eligible for my current position so I want the status of professionals of my course(MSW).
346Dr.v kanakadurgaPswaRoadamistri college of social work , hyderabad.(retired)TelanganaIt is an immediate need
347richy daniel oommen4dxi foundationoxford college BangaloreArunachal PradeshRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
348Sohini MannaNgoIgnouWest BengalMsw course must be a professional course
349Sajin ScariaDon Bosco College Angadikadavu, Kannur, KeralaDon Bosco College Angadikadavu, Kannur, KeralaKeralaKindly consider the above matters with an immediate action
350Dr. Thavitha ThulasiSSPMVVSri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women's University)Andhra PradeshSocial Work course is professional course
351Sajal Kanti SamantaDistrict Rural Development Cell, Purba Medinipur, West BengalVidyasagar School of Social Work, KolkataWest BengalThe Social Work Course should be a Professional Course.
352John MiltonResearch ScholarBharathidasan UniversityTamil Nadu.
353RevathiAIRD, RamanathapuramLady Doak CollegeTamil NaduNeed a council
354UmakanthSocial ConsultantThiruvalluvar UniversityTamil NaduSocial work is a noble act to the community.
355Mr. T. NaveenDept. of Social Work,Pandi cherry Central University, puduchherryTamil NaduSocial work is professional course
356srinvias BAspire foundationindore school of social workTelanganasocial workers are providing excellent services to society at individual and community lever. given the current complex social issues it is important social workers are promoted to meet the demand. please declare it as professional course which handles social aspects of society
357SmithaDBASCDon boscoKeralaSocial Work also should be regulated as professional cause
358Moses PremanandamPiramal SwasthyaANU College of ARTs Commerce and LAWAndhra PradeshI support
359Thazlima NazarCollegeRajagiri College of social sciences autonomous KalamasseryKeralaThis is unfair practice please do consider our request.
360wanpynsukmi NiangRGNIYDRajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth DevelopmentTamil NaduSocial worker work directly with the people by utilized the values and principles of social work professnional. Hereby, I support post graduate of social work is professional and known by every countries. And i request my country(India) too please considered this course as professional. Thankyou.
361Smijo SebastianKuriakose Elias Service SocietyHindustan College of Arts & Science, CoimbatoreTamil NaduI do support the cause and strongly request the need of recognizing social workers who are graduated professionally
362Neshat AhmadSavePatna collegeBiharSocial workers are the change agent and they fought for the justice so this course should must be considered as professional courses.
363Sowmya KMother and child foundationM.V Shetty college of social workKeralaPSWA
364Esther ValentinaYWCA of SecunderabadRoda Misry college of Social WorkTelanganaI am from the first batch of MSW from Roda Misry college of social work. 1985 to 87 batch. Also received national Award in the year 2002
365Balarihunlang sohkhiaHuman resourceNerimAssamShould recommend that post graduate of msw should recognise as professional course
366BalagopalSVMM trust AgaliMarian college KuttikkanamKeralaSirs I support this petition, pleading before the highest authorities to declare professional status for social work profession in India, similar to the globally accepted standards of practice. Requesting early consideration of the matter Sincerely Balagopal
367ALKHA DILEEPCollegeSree sankaracharya university of sanskritKeralaI am professional social worker it need its complete professionality
368D . Sai SujathaSri Venkateswara UniversitySri Venkateswara UniversityAndhra PradeshAll over the globe Social Work course is a professional course serving Humanity with principles, values and professional ethics.
369Maria Vasantha KumarHand in Hand IndiaLoyola college ChennaiTamil NaduNil
370R KRANTHI KUMARHemophilia Society - Hyderabad ChapterRhoda Mistry College of Social WorkTelanganaSocial Work is a Professional Course recognised all over the world. Even India should recognise it and create jobs for these professionals in every government sector and hospitals.
371Dr.V.VenkateswarluAcharya Nagarjuna UniversityAcharya Nagarjuna University CollegeAndhra PradeshPlease declare PG Social Work Course as Professional Course
372HasinabegumKajamalai ladies associationCauvery college for womenTamil NaduI request to confirm social work as professional course. Please provide opportunities for us in all govt departments schools companies. Please create jobs in all sectors. We are passed on 2001. Still we are underemployed.working for NGO.
373Radhikawww.somass.orgAndhra UniversityAndhra PradeshKindly do the needful as mentioned and oblige. This will change the very perspective of social work and intent of doing to will be speaking in terms of effective results for the progress of cities, states and hence our country. Little drops of water make a big ocean. Thank you
374Raja UpadhyayDistrict hospital, Bhabua,KaimurCentral Institute of Psychaitry ,RanchiUttar PradeshPlease do the regarding needful.
375Indira BhowmickRML HospitalIopWest BengalProfessional psychiatric social worker
376Turaka kiranmyiNestham foundationSri venkateswara unversityAndhra PradeshSocial Work course is a professional course. Please support them.
377Narendra BhupathiNirmaan organisationSri Venkateswara University, TirupatiAndhra PradeshSocial work is a universal profession... Am demanding to social work should be a professional course..... Bzc it deals with all aspects of society and human beings.... lead good life in current position....
378Ng Olympus MonsangBosco InstituteBosco Institute Jorhat AssamManipurI support the above mentioned request.
379ANUPRIYA SUMANPATNA UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGYBiharDeclare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses.
381Dipa moni kochAssam Donbosco university guwahatiAssam Donbosco university, GuwahatiAssami agree with this statement
382Isaac Newton DasariCaritas IndiaToday Mistry College of Social work and MS University of BarodaTelanganaThis injustice to Social work Profession
383P.RajyalakshmiNillSV universityAndhra PradeshSocial work is profissinal course
384P.RajyalakshmiNillSV universityAndhra PradeshSocial work is profissinal course
385Kummari ChandraSekharSri venkateswara universitySri venkateswara universityAndhra PradeshI request to recognize social work subject .because social work is multi diciplinary and profesional subject.
386Fazeel AhmedALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITYDepartment of Social WorkUttar PradeshI agreeb
387J.kavithaTANSACSCauvery college for womenTamil NaduI support
388Princess BeulaHand in Hand IndiaStella Maris, ChennaiTamil NaduWe are professionals who works 24/7 and working for the development of the country.
389DR. Allu Gowri Sankar RaoDept of Soc & Social WorkACHARYA Nagarjuna UniversityAndhra PradeshLike other profession Social Work is also scientifically established profession to serve the human kind in all aspects and requesting Human Resources Ministery to give as PROFESSIONAL STATUS to MSW course
390Basavaraju BurlaCargill india pvt LtdMr PG collegeAndhra PradeshI need a job of govt sector
391VENKATA GOPAL KRISHNA KAZASAHARA CENTRE FOR RESIDENTIAL CARE & REHABILITATIONAcharya Nagarjuna UniversityTelanganaSocial work is been recognized worldwide as a professional work except india . it should be done here as well.
392Rangagalla. PrasadDepartment of social workVikrami simapuri UniversityAndhra PradeshVery good information.
393NoorjahanSERP, TelanganaRMTelanganaI support u
395Divyasree Damodaran EAster MIMSHoly cross institute of management and technologyKeralaLooking forward your strong action !!!
396Dr.S.VidyalathaDept of Population studies & Social WorkSri venkateswara UniversityAndhra PradeshSOCIAL WORK PROFESSION REQUIRES RECOGNITION
397Maumita ChatterjeeWBCPCRDelhi School of Social WorkDelhiMy education in Social Work has been very professional as it includes theory and practical both .It's an application based course and should be considered as a professional course.
398C MaheshDivya Disha a child Rights organizationSV UniversityAndhra PradeshPlease declear Pg social work course as a professional course
399Srinivas .sHome Fundraising IndiaOsmania universityTelanganaFor a better society, we need to proud as an socialogest.
400BujjibabuSvuSVUAndhra PradeshSocial work
401B.RajasekharaDivyadishaSv universityAndhra PradeshPlease recognize social work course as a professional course
402Ch DURGABHAVANIVikrama simhapuri UniversityVsu collegeAndhra PradeshGood inititaive sir
403Josna JoseState poverty Eradication MissionSt Aloysius College College in Mangalore, KarnatakaKeralasocial Work is a profession am a Professional social worker .
404HIMADRI SEKHAR NAYAKPublic Health Foundation of IndiaVidyasagar School of Social WorkWest BengalBeing a student of Social work it is painful to hear that Social Work is not a professional course. For long time social work profession has been neglected though all the social workers has an important role in our society. So, all the social workers deserves dignity and respect.
405NISHANT KUMARKGMUKGMUUttar PradeshYes I support because in India a professional subject must have a council.
406Damang WannN/ASt.Edmunds College.MegalayaI support this petition to make 'Social Work' as a professional course because it is truly a life changing subject and that it need recognition from the higher authorities.
407NEHA DASGUPTAInstitute of PsychiatryWomen's collegeWest BengalIn support of the letter
408Joshua JayaseelanMadras Christian CollegeMadras Christian collegeTamil NaduI support
409Adiyanandam MasillamaniIndependent consultantSacred Heart College. ThirupathurTamil NaduIt is high time that Social work is recognised as a profession
410Manjeet BaranwalMahamana Pandit Madanmohan Malviya Cancer Center, VaranasiMGKVPUttar PradeshI am supporting the petition.......
411Dr.T.ChandrasekarayyaAssistant Professor, Dept. Of population Studies& Social Work, S.V.University,Tirupati,A.P-517502.S.V.U.College of Arts, S.V.University,Tirupati.Andhra PradeshGood innitative. I will support in all aspects.
412Krishna KumarSEWS IndiaMahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapith University- VaranasiUttar PradeshI love my profession as Social Worker. My degree is professional degree and I demand council of Social work . With best Krishna Kumar
413Sayantani BasuDon Bosco AshalayamIndira Gandhi National Open UniversityWest BengalI am supporting this petition.
414Kalyanee vermaMamta HIMCMGKVP VARANASIUttar PradeshI support and request for formation of social work council.
415Aditya MishraI'm a student of M.S.W 1st yrPatna universityBiharI'm a student of master social work Hence we herewith request the Ministry of Human Resources Development to.Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses.
416VigneshHand in hand IndiaMadras School of Social WorkTamil NaduWe are life changer
417sd. mumthaz begumCWDSSPMVVAndhra PradeshPlease recognise social workes as professionals
418R.yaminiMunicipalityMadras Christian collegeTamil NaduVery good start
419Dr. Chandra Shekhar SinghDepartment of social workMahatma Gandhi Kasi Vidhyapith VaranasiUttar PradeshSocialworker Very helpful for society, community, and individual problems
420SureshBAIFUniversity arts and science college, WarangalTelanganaThink for social work and social workers
421Jai Shankar RaiHclMahatma Gandhi KASHI vidyapith VaranasiUttar PradeshAgreed
422Sabin kESAF Small Finance BankCentral University of KeralaKeralaDear sir Greetings! Kindly consider the facts and international face of Social Work profession.Request you to take necessary actions to upheld the dignity of this profession as it is one of the most relevant profession of 21st century in terms of working with various type of people and community. Regards Sabin K
423Aravind SHLoyola KHEChPLoyola collegeTamil NaduWe want council for Social Work
424Rupa KabasiChild Help FoundationIGNOUWest BengalCouncil for social work profession is the need not just for the sake of social workers but also for the beneficiaries to get the best and quality services. We should stand united and call for a council to acknowledge the transformation the social workers had brought to Indian society.
425Zunatha Banu AJIPMERJIPMERPuducherryKindly recognize Social Work as a Professional course .
426Tina FernandezWorking in international organisationsStella Maris collegeTamil NaduI am proud to be in this profession in working with the grassroots to uplift their lives for the better. I'm proud to be a social worker and I am a professional.
427Sushmita ChakrabortyTISSTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamBeing a social worker I've learned everyone is unique, and everyone has a right to be heard for who they are. Everyone has unique skills, strengths, and idiosyncrasies. We should keep looking and listening until you see each person.
428SinojWalayar Valley Lions PPTCT ProjectDepaul Institute of Science & TechnologyKeralaMSW should be a Professional Course
429K S DubeySOS children's villages of IndiaMahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidya pith varanasiUttar PradeshRecognise social work as a professional course.
430BONTHALA NAGARAJUSecretary of Yuva Sankalpam NGOSri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.Andhra PradeshI am strongly recommending to in every schools and colleges have to establish Counciling centers with a professional social worker.School and college students are more stress on their subjects and ranks. If their not success in their studies, some of the students are attempting suicides.So must be appoint a professional Social worker in every schools and colleges in all over India. Professional Social worker have acquired more knowledge with academic theory courses and practical knowledge with public.Social worker have a more knowledge on carriere guidance, life skills.So professional Social worker's is a key role play in counciling process.
431Liangamang RobertFreelancerBosco Institute, JorhatManipurSocial Work courses are equivalent to any other courses.
432S.chandra mohanIcdsCvlnr degree&PG; clegeAndhra PradeshSocial work is a professinal
433Sunil Kumar VermaRamakrishna Mission Home of Service Luxa VaranasiMGKVP State University Varanasi.Uttar PradeshI want to declare profesional course of Social Work.
434ajit singhCh charan singh university meerutCcsuUttar PradeshI support the thought of professional social worker association
435Areti SreenivasuluAPMEPMACVLNR Degree & PG college AnantapuramuAndhra PradeshI will also supported to above cited subject.
436Manoj KumarGovernment sectorM.G.K.V.P., VARANASIBiharI support this movement. I want a professional governing body for social work practitioners.
437S.AlvarammalThe Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical UniversityMadurai Institute of Social SciencesTamil NaduWant to regacoginse for social work
438Abdul RahimanDishaSndpyssKeralaK
439V.ShobharaniPSWAAPAndhra UniversityAndhra PradeshI strongly support Social work as a profession as it deals with building humanity and for the betterment of the society. We differ from any other voluntary social workers as our approach to the social problems is in a systamatic and scientific way.
440MeenatchiJiv daya foundationMadurai institute of social sciencesTamil NaduSocial work can be professional
441Daruthi BoruahNEADSBosco InstituteAssamI am agree with this thought
442Somdeb MajiDMHPCentral Institute of PsychiatryUttar PradeshWe need a professional authority body for our recognition in the field of psychiatric social work like RCI, MCI etc.
443Chenchaiah GeritiGaruda foundationPSWAAndhra PradeshWe support PSWA
444Chenchaiah GeritiGaruda foundationPSWAAndhra PradeshWe support PSWA
445A.Lakshmana RaoMinior irrigation. worked as a APDAndhra UniversityAndhra PradeshGood effort. My support is always to the issue
446Victor Prasad Kumar MadetiElmeasureKarve Institute of Social SciencesMaharashtraSocial Work is professional course definitely useful in helping people to help themselves
447B.Alluri swamiService sectorC v l n r degree & pg college, anantapur (dist)Andhra PradeshI support to the this, and want to fight for jobs with separate wing on central level.
448Mandala PolinaiduAPSACSAUAndhra PradeshSupport social workers
449Ira tripathiNational health missionLucknow university U. PUttar PradeshWe are the founder of healthy society,and are great professional.
450Bheemavarpu AppalanaiduChitrika organizationRajah RSRK Rangarao College bobbiliAndhra PradeshCommunity cordnter and Production manager working in chitrika organization 8 years work experience
451Abhishek kumarPrivateCipJharkandRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession –
452Gandi SuneethaWomen and Child WelfareNagarjuna UniversityAndhra PradeshSocial work is the professional cource
453Dr. M. SivamoorthyKodaikanal Christian CollegeKodaikanal Christian CollegeTamil NaduSocial work program needs professional status
454M SREENIVASULUrksksv universiyyAndhra Pradeshsocial work propesion in job
455B vinod kumarWomen and child welfare departmentSVUAndhra PradeshYes I support the requirements
456Dr.Ramesh BTumkur UniversityMSW DeptKarnatakaRequestfor formation of Social work council
457Manta WangsuTata Institute of Social SciencesTata Institute of Social SciencesArunachal PradeshMHRD and UGC should look into the matter as early as possible and recognised Social Work as professional course.
458Swapnil VidyarthiNational health mission, NMHP, District mental health programMGKVP Varanasi and Central Institute of psychiatry, kanke, RanchiUttar PradeshI am requesting to formation of council for social work profession.
459A.LalithammaResearch scholarSK university,Ananthapuramu.Andhra PradeshReally It's very need for proffissional social workers.
460Sampath Kumar GudivadaNagawali pragathi societyRajha R.S.R K Ranga Rao college Bobbili Vizianagaram Dist A.PAndhra PradeshI feel very happy about that.....
461Dr. Buvana RajeswaranChief Community Development Officer(retired)TN Slum Clearance BoardStella Maris College Chennai 6Tamil NaduI hv been in this feild for the past 38 years we have lived ,cherished and served the community because of the in-depth training and exposure this noble Social work proffession has given us.No other profession gives such a wide comprehensive knowledge of society’s problems , situations and solutions .The trasformation and commitment we gain is just incomparable in this Noble profession
462Hirohito HabibShishu SarothiAssam Donbosco UniversityAssamI want social work to be a professional course
464Silgrak S. SangmaAide-et-Action, South AsiaAssam Don Bosco University, Azara, GuwahatiAssamLove to work as a professional Social Work with needy children and people as well as community at large.
465Susanna L. M SangmaDepartment of Social WelfareAssam Don Bosco UniversityMegalayaHumble opportunity to be the part of the council as a professional social worker.
466Atul RaiPgi ChandigarhMahatma Gandhi kashi vidtapithUttar PradeshSocial work is a professional service
467TANNEERU VENKATA PrasannaANUAndhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam collegeAndhra PradeshVery good proffessional social work
468Tawakkul khanNilCcs universityUttar Pradeshmsw course should be recognised as professional course it is very essential for those social worker who done msw to serve the society and also seek career for themselves.
469Chering BhagDepartment of community Medicine, PGIMERHimachal Pradesh University,ShimlaHimachal PradeshIts right time established Council for Professional Social work.
470Chering BhagDepartment of community Medicine, PGIMERHimachal Pradesh University,ShimlaHimachal PradeshIts right time established Council for Professional Social work.
471Kareila S.ICDS, ManipurAssam Donbosco University , AssamManipurYes , Indeed Social work is a profession and we have the right to have our own council. It's high time that we r seen and treated with dignity.
472GiftsonAssociation for Integrated Rural DevelopmentHindusthan college of arts and science, coimbatoreTamil NaduSigning thr petition for formation of Council
473SATHISH KUMAR KNational Institute for Research in TuberculosisMadras Christian CollegeTamil NaduKindly declare social work as professional course and create a license for this profession like other countries.
474Nishin TPVedanta ltd.Madras school of social workKeralaSocial work should be considered as profession.
475D.Arul selviTmssscauvery college for women , TrichyTamil NaduYes. we deserve it
476thangbiaksiam paitepsust edmund's collegeMegalaya.
477Madhukrishna BhuyanTata Institute of Social SciencesTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamIt is self depreciating , to having spend so many hours at the field and the State ready to call it unprofessional in the blink of an eye.
478Solomon RajGovernment Medical College, TirunelveliSt. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai, TirunelveliTamil NaduI am Requesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession.
479K.Sankar rajVarshini illam trustSt Xavier's CollegeTamil NaduPlease accept my letter sir
480SelvendhiranIndian Development FoundationAt. Xavier's college palayamkottaiTamil NaduWe are the social professionals
481Kamesh sPeace health centreHindustan college of arts and science in padra, Chennai.Tamil NaduWe want proper support for us.
482JagadeeshMedicalMadras School of Social WorkTamil NaduKindly help us
483Mool RajDepartment of Social Work Chaudhary Bansi Lal University BhiwaniChaudhary Bansi Lal UniversityHaryanaSocial Work should be recognized as professional course
484S. SarahBloodbankBishop heber college,Tamil NaduPlease let me know the activities of yours in future Also.
485M.NallaiyanpandiCEEMA, ErodeSt.Xavier 's College, palayamkottai.TirunelveliTamil NaduThe social workers role is very big to developing society. Your order is totally affected to the professional social workers. So please add Master od social work is the professional course. Kundly asking you. Thank you.
486Sandeep Kumar SinghMSW, Mphil (PSW)Lucknow UniversityUttar PradeshI Am Support for this Petision
487Anitta JFangs Technology Pvt LtdSt. Xavier's collegeTamil NaduSocial work is profession.
488Bodapati chinnaraoPanchaytjiraj departmentM r p g college vijayanagaramAndhra PradeshYes
489RaghavendraNIMHANS BANGALORENIMHANS BANGALOREKarnatakaWe need registered council and license for practicing social work. Thank you
490SILABRATA PANDALIVOLINK FOUNDATION- An initiative of TATA TRUSTSDEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK, SAMBALPUR UNIVERSITYOrissaI want formation of council for Social Work Profession, there is less scope available to do career in this course. If taking this issue seriously I shall be grateful at you.
491P.nagamallikaSpmvvSri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women's University)Andhra PradeshSocial work is professional course. Social work council is my right
493Soumendra SenapatiSambalpur UniversitySambalpur UniversityOrissaI Support
494O.lakahmi prasannaGovernmentSri padmavathi mahila visvavidyalayamAndhra PradeshSocial work is a professional course and it is very useful to the society
495N. KiranmayaaGovernmentSpmvvAndhra PradeshSocial work is a frofeshnal course. It is usfull to society.
496M.DhanalakshmiSpmvvSri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women's University)Andhra PradeshPlease consider social work course
497P.silpaSocial workSpmvvAndhra PradeshSocial work is a professional course .this course is very need for a days social worker can change the social work is a professional course
498AfreenSocial workSripadmavathi Mahila vishvavidhyalayam TirupathiAndhra PradeshSocial work is professional course Social worker's change the society Its very need in present days
499R.supriyaSpmvvSri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women's University)Andhra PradeshSocial worke is professional
500C vishnu priyaGovernmentSpmvvArunachal PradeshSocial work is a profeshinal course it is useful to society
501C.clement winslyNuthana TrustMadras school of social work,chennaiTamil NaduThis is the right time to raise our collective voice.kanyakumari professional social workers forum always extend our support
502P.GomathiSpmvvSri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women's University)Andhra PradeshSocial work is professional course
503K.munilakshmiSocial workSri padmavathi mahila visvavidyslamAndhra PradeshSocial work is a professional Crouse
504D.sireeshaGovernmentSpmvvAndhra PradeshSocial work profeshnal course .it is a useful to society
505C dhana lakshmiSocial work dptSpmvvAndhra PradeshSocial work is professional is heart of society. So social worker need for society.this course also equal to all professional courses.
506Mediga PrasadHothsVSU NELLOREAndhra PradeshIam support
507C dhana lakshmiSocial work dptSpmvvAndhra PradeshSocial work is professional is heart of society. So social worker need for society.this course also equal to all professional courses.
508Luke PasupulaICDS project, women and child development department.Rodamistry college of social work, Hyderabad.Andhra PradeshI agree with the team decisions.
509Mediga PrasadHothsVSU NELLOREAndhra PradeshSupported by social workers family
510C.Mallikasocial workSPMVVArunachal Pradeshsocial work is a professional cours
511Aiswarya SMehac foundationCMS college of Science and CommerceKeralaI'm working as a social worker at mehac foundation - a community based psychiatric organization
512Bashisha ChyneMedical Social Worker,Palliative Care Unit,NEIGRIHMSSt Edmund's College,ShillongMegalayaSocial workers should be recognized as a profession.
513Bhupendra SinghInstitute Of mental health rohtakDepartment of PSWHaryanaIt's most important
514Febin p mathewAmity UniversityAmity UniversityUttar PradeshStudent of social work in Amity University
515Villa BalakrishnaCommunity developmemtAUAndhra PradeshSocial Engeeners unity
516RobinsonTSSSSt.Xaviers collegeTamil NaduAs a social worker we demand the criteria you government must consider the social workers reliable service of the socie
517JOGESWARI DHARUAOLMKIITOrissaI also support......
518Shivani GuptaPatna universityPatna universityBiharI want socal wok as a professional course
519M.pothurajuDist hospital markapur Prakasam districtMRpgcourseses vzmAndhra PradeshI always support for me
520Ranjan BhueOdisha Livelihood MissionSambalpur UniversityOrissaWe are suffaring after Compled the Course .because number of MSW Students Suffaring .That way in College and Univrsity this course regular means number of student are got good future.
521Laxmi ChetriThe action northeast trustAssam Don bosco UniversityAssamSocial work profession is one of the very challenging profession and this need to be recognised.
522M sreenivasuluSwmSright venkateswara universityAndhra PradeshI am complete course 2013
523Mainao Basumatarythe ant, Chiang (Assam)TISSAssamKindly consider our request
524Detsung BasumataryAaranyakTata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai)AssamI Support Heartedly.
525Naomi HembromSeven Sisters Development Assistance, BongaigaonTata Institute of Social Sciences, GuwahatiAssamI am a social worker. It is my profession. I want to be treated with dignity.
526Mekala RaghupathiAlternative For India DevelopmentStella MarisTamil NaduNeed of the hour is to Recognise Social work as profession. Action to be taken to formulate the council.As a social worker with nearly 40 years of experience I extend my support to all the initiatives taken for the same.
527Chaya kalitaFAsCE IndiaAssam Don Bosco UniversityAssamPlease recognize social work as professional course..
528Mynjurlang MarbaniangTata institute of social sciencesTata institute of social sciencesMegalayaGood
529Lohe Lokajiia VictoriaBosco Social Service Society, MaramTata Institute of Social Sciences, GuwahatiManipurWe are the future...let's build a good one... Social workers are the solution and we are a group of highly professionalised course.
530Ganesh SinghMahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, VaranasiMahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, VaranasiUttar PradeshIt's our right to have a counsel for social work
531Gomathi, MSW.,Annamalai UniversityTamil NaduYes
532A S ShomrorphiSunbird TrustDon Bosco College MaramManipurI would rather say that practicing the principles norms of a profession would define the entire context wherein is not found in other regular subjects. A person sacrificing and dedicating his life for the society is not much different from those monk, priest and religious in terms of spiritual life. They deserve to be recognized and acknowledge for their contribution as a professionals. Thanks
533Hingba JamesSacred Heart College TirupatturSacred Heart College TirupatturTamil NaduSocial work is professional
534P KholiziioDon Bosco College MaramDon Bosco College MaramManipurSocial Work should be consider as professional course because it is helping oneself to help the other. Through Social Work we bring a change in the society.
535Venkatalakshmi cNIMHANS, BengaluruNot studyingKarnatakaRequesting for the things quoted above. Thanks
536Kaushal ParmarSocial WorkThe Maharaja Sayajirao University of BarodaGujaratA Professional body will help us to our profession visible and respectable.
537Chuimingam hrNorth East integrated societyDont Bosco College, MaramManipurSocial work profession should be considered professional course... I strongly support this.
538Jigna ThakkarDepartment of Social WorkGujarat universityGujaratSocial work council will make this course professional and recognized it in proper manner.
539Daihii RonaLungnila Elizabeth School of Social WorkLungnila Elizabeth School of Social WorkManipurSocial work courses should be recognised as professional courses to serve the people better. Social work courses are no less than the other professional courses. I can proudly say Social workers are the social engineers. I support formation of council for social professional in Indian.
540Kabiu GonmeiDon Bosco College maramDon Bosco College maramManipurSocial need to recommend as professional course. It is the Social work that bring peace , Harmony and justice for the individual and for the society's.
541Amal ChhotaiGujarat Gas LimitedFaculty of Social Work, The M. S. University of BarodaGujaratAbsolutely need now needs social engineers for a change.
542Tokupu chophyNilNortheast Institute of Social Sciences and ResearchNagalandExcellent work!
543Adnan TurakFaculty of Social work, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of BarodaFaculty of social workGujaratPlease recognized us in Professional course.
544SavioNorth East Diocesan Social Service SocietySt. Aloysius College mangaloreManipurI support it
545Kishori AdwaniGujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd, Wanakbori TPSFaculty of Social Work, MS University of BarodaGujaratDeclare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses.  ??• Initiate intervention with other concerned ministries for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession. 
546Vimal DamorGujarat Tribal Development departmentThe M S University of BarodaGujaratOur MSW course not considered by Gujarat state public Commission. Even after 3 year experience we are not considering as a Professional social worker. In Gujarat largest district I m running all livelihoods programs but still this course not considered as professional
547K. TsuhahNEIDATata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai UniversityNagalandSocial work is my profession. Social work Council is my RIGHT.
548Patnala GanapathiTelangana State AIDS Control SocietyMR PG CENTREAndhra PradeshI want recognition as a professional social worker, government will give preference to recruitment of government jobs.
549BhupendraUniversity of health sciences RohtakIMHHaryanaI like
551Rachna sharmaFaculty of social workMaharaja Sayajirao University of BarodaGujaratIt is a profession, because it deals with all the multiple factor that are the core reason for human malfunction in society. It do required specialized intervention but initial intervention can only be done by social worker and it can not be done by anyone who do not hold the degree in it.
552E.Selva KumarIRCDS TiruvallurLoyola college ChennaiTamil NaduNeed for Social Work profession counsel
553Jijo MonachanDepartment of psychology, The maharaja Sayajirao university of BarodaThe maharaja Sayajirao university of BarodaGujaratPlease make this petition count
554Shubham Chowdhurysocial workTISSAssamsocial workers should be recognise as a professional as it has trying to shape the grassroots of the very country.
555Jasmin DevaliyaGujarat CSR AuthorityThe Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, VadodaraGujaratImmediate and Positive response from ministry of HRD will highly appreciated.
556Robin JayarajEducation InstitutionSt Joseph's College of arts and science (Autonomous),CuddaloreTamil NaduPlease declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses.
557Robin JayarajEducation InstitutionSt Joseph's College of arts and science (Autonomous),CuddaloreTamil NaduPlease declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses.
558D Lishini kapenaBosco Social Service Society MaramDon Bosco College MaramManipurSocial Work is a professional course guided by different principle's . Since many years back, social work courses is followed as professional course and even now it should be recognized as a professional course. Immediately make this petition count please.
559MANIKANDANICICI foundationMadurai institute of social scienceTamil NaduGood course Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional CourseS
560atshole thopinorth east networkignouNagalandsocial workers deserve to be recognise as professional .
561Tanya Pandey----Tata Institute of social sciencesAssamPlease grant the petition and allow this course to be a professional one.
562Priyanka BhattacharjeeFAsCE IndiaTISSAssamRecognition of social work as a profession is Neccesary.
563Madan DashShreeISSWMadhya PradeshNA
564Karnakar ramagundamPR&RD;Osmania university pg college secunderabadTelanganaWe want recognition as professional sector social work
565Aravind SMPvt SectorD.G Vaishnav CollegeTamil NaduRecognition required as professional course, while organisations, acts and guidelines have recognised them. It becomes a much needed from UGC as well. This will create an ecosystem that is balanced.
566GladstoneCareIndiaLoyola collegeTamil NaduDeclare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses.
567S. MadhusudananDepartment of Social WorkPondicherry UniversityPuducherrySir, Please consider the plea. Kindly give the recognition to the Professional Social Workers.
568Y .balamalluTelanganaArts and science college kamareddyTelanganayenkampallybalamallu adloor yellareddy
569R.sahayarajEducational institutionSt.Xavier's college. PalayamkottaiTamil NaduIt is our right. Let's fight for the cause
570GirijaNgoSri mad andavan college srirangam trichyTamil NaduI will support pswa
571Thaddeus AlfonsoNiraivagam - Don Bosco Institute of Psychological ServicesLoyola College , ChennaiTamil NaduIt is our right.
572Urvi SoniFaculty of Social WorkThe Maharaja Sayajirao UniversityGujaratI am in the support of the petition
573Sonjit chakmaTata Institute of social scienceTata Institute of Social Science GuwahatiAssamRecognition of social workers deserves it.
574Gollapalli bhanuchandarDeshpande foundationUniversity arts and science college hanamkonda kakatiya universityTelanganaMSW is a great course for community development. We are studying by spending money but when graduated after 2 to 3 year experience also NGOs offering 10k to 15k mostly who committed for social work they are continuing the jobs. Even social worker also having family to feed.
575Zitilong SangtamWorld Bank (Project)Tata Institute of Social SciencesNagalandAgreeing to the statements above.
576PONNAM KAMALAKARUniversity Post Graduate CollegeUniversity Post Graduate College, Dept. Of Sociology & Social Work, Kakatiya University, WarangalTelanganaI strongly support for make social work as a professional course. Only professional social workers solve contemporary and future social problems
577Wemelhiu ThopiStudentTata Institute of Social Sciences, GuwahatiNagalandSir I believe, social workers are deserved to be called a professional, they also deserve a high salary. As a student who has been doing an internship at various organizations, I notice how the work 27x7 in a week without break and yet people still look down on them. They are doing a lot more than they're required to do as a human being with a human body even without resting or taking care of themselves or spending time with their loved ones. Social workers take care of other people but what about them?????
578MehiStudentTata Institute of Social Sciences, GuwahatiNagalandSir, please do look into the matter. They deserve to be treated as professionals and also they deserve a good salary.
579Basil EkkaTISSTISSAssamSocial work profession is one of the best courses.
580Minal KaraniPrayasTata Institute of Social SciencesMaharashtraKindly consider this. We study the course and invest our time to be a professional. The course has all the requirements to groom us as a professional. Thus, I hope you understand and consider this immediately.
581Lynda ChingbiakhoihNHMTata institute of social sciencesAssamMaster's degree in social work is really important as we learn how to conduct surveys and research through theories and fieldworks. We have been exposed to various states which makes us understand the economic and social condition of people from different parts of India which makes it easier for us to help them in any way possible
582S. Satyanarayana MurthyL&tSri Vivekananda degree and Pg collegeAndhra PradeshSocial work is proffisional work
583Juilee ChaudhariSNEHANirmala Niketan, College of Social Work, ChurchgateMaharashtraWe require equal dignity in terms of work as is given to other professional courses.
585Turimella TirupatiswamyMGNREGSSri Krishna Devaraya UniversityAndhra PradeshI will practice any time professional social work.
586T.charan gouthamDRDA NalgondaRodamisthri PG college, gachibowli,hyderabadTelanganai support...
587RanjithCtsAmirta University, coimbatoreTamil NaduSocial work should be a professional degree
588Banoth RaviCESRoda mistry college of social work and research centreTelanganaPlease support us and give a better future to MSW students
589Wasim AkhtarBuddy4studyAzim Premji UniversityMadhya PradeshPlease consider our proposal.
590GUJJARI SUKKAIAHPursuing (MSW)Mahatma Gandhi University NALGONDATelanganaI have to support
591MaheshjeeDRDA- EGMM.Vivekananda PG College,Husnabad , Karimnagar.TelanganaIt's very need to giving primaries in all welfare schemes for better prepare the society.
592BADARIPHYLLA CHYNEStudentTata Institute of Social Sciences, GuwahatiAssamSocial Work is a professional course.
593Saritha GudepuNiloufer hospitalVivekananda PG College,Husnabad , Karimnagar.TelanganaSocial workers to development of community. So. Give opportunities to us
594M.Pramod kumarOsmania universityPG college secunderabadTelanganaI support this is very useful to professional social workers.
595Katravath neelya naikAmran batreysMahatma Gandhi university nalgondTelanganaI supprt
596Mainu BasumataryDY365Gauhati UniversityAssamThis decision will harm and will be an injustice towards the students. Ministry of Human Resources Development should rethink on it.
597Arpan ChakrabortySchoogleFaculty of Social Work, MSU BarodaGujaratRegards
598AnanyaH&mChrist UniversityKarnatakaSupport the Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
599Ananya DhoundiyalH&mChrist UniversityKarnatakaSupport Formation of Council for Social Work Profession –
600C sreenivasuluV CAN THERAPY CENTRERoda Mistry college of social sciencesTelanganaRights of social work Profession of social work
601Palle ShivaKrishna MSWDigital Empowerment FoundationUniversity Arts& Science College, Subedari Hanmakonda Kakatiya University- WarangalTelanganaEstablish a Council for Social Work in India
602Manthena.PremkumarIndependent Social workerTelangana university South campusTelanganaNeed for acceridication
603D. ManikumarSankalp HyderabadRm college of social work and Rearch centerTelanganaWe want frofessional social worker
604D. ManikumarSankalp HyderabadRm college of social work and Rearch centerTelanganaWe want frofessional social worker
605Roshni ThomasNGOChrist UniversityDelhiDeclare the social work course as professional course
607Tony jamesTrivandrum Don Bosco Veedu SocietyChrist universityKeralaIt is needed to a have a common floor for the ptotection of rights
608Kethavath Jeevan NayakMswGovt arts and science college kamareddyTelanganaI will support them
609RavikumarPrivateKakatiya UniversityTelanganaI have to support.please do needful. Thankyou.
610swapna.gattuMulkanoor women's cooperative dairySdlce kakathiya universityTelanganaI have join
611BANDI SANDEEPPrivateKakatiya universityTelanganaRequest
612RajasekharJagatiKim'sTelanganaIam social worker
613V rajasekharMswPuTelanganaJob
614G. VijayalaxmiCAP FoundationSri Padmavathi Mahila UniversityTelanganaIam also support for agreeing pass the bill for identifying MSW us one of the professional course
615B. MahenderMagicbus india foundationSri chaitanya collegeTelanganaDear sir, Requested to form the counsel
616MYAKALA KUMARTSACS-TELANGANAKakatiya universityTelanganaTo creat social work jobs in government sector like that panchayit secretary and rural development jobs.
617Velthuri NageshRdKakatiya universityTelanganaGood job
618RajababuSwach bharth missiomNew science pg collegeTelanganaI supported
619kishoreTitan Company LtdChrist universityTamil NaduWe support
620Nagaboina Nagaraju YadavKamineni hospitalRoda Mistry college of social work and research centreTelanganaPlease provide one counsellor/ social worker for every recognised school
621HimavarshaPrivateKakatiya universityTelanganaPlease declare msw as a professional course
622Dr. K NARESH KUMAROsmania UniversityArts collegeTelanganaThis is guanine requirement.. Govt must solve it
623P.SrikanthNoMahatma Gandhi university nalgondaTelanganaPlease recognize the social work is professional work
624PALLE REKHABHAROSATelangana university south campus bhiknoor nizamabadTelanganaWe are requesting to formation of council for social work profession.
625PADAMATI RAJURuralTelangana UniversityTelanganaSupport Social workers
626Sattaiah PulugamICPSMasterji degree and pg collegeTelangana.
627NianbiakchingSocial workTata Institute of Social SciencesAssamThis course is my pride and it is my utmost pleasure to do this profession because I would like to bridge between the government and people so that they can work for a better future for everyone.
628Anna Shiva KumarLabour welfare organisationKakatiya UniversityTelanganaKindly do the needful
629A.srinivasYardKimsTelanganaI support
630Maheshwari IUnited way HyderabadRoda Mistry college of social workTelanganaDeclare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses
631Utnoor NareshKalayikaTelangana universityTelanganaGood
632Jakkula MaheshSneha organization NizamabadUniversity Arts and Science College Subedari HanmakondaTelanganaPlease consider as a professional social worker
633Helarius ShyllaNonTata Institute of Social SciencesMegalayaSocial work profession play a role in understanding the ground reality and issues on different communities. Trained social worker understand, analyse and and make intervention to address the social problem. MHRD should understand its importance and give the important and recognition to social work course at the same time provide them a platform as equal partners towards serving the nation.
634Viva MushaharyGauhati University, AssamGauhati University, AssamAssamI support. It is the right thing to do.
635Peeri BalarajuBaif Institute for rural developmentGovt degree and pg college kamareddyTelanganaI am proud to be a social worker But we are not getting any opportunities in govt sector
636John RemalliSAVEAcharya Nagarjuna University GunturAndhra PradeshYes, I strongly support the request made by Social work professionals, that Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses
637K AnilkumarTB Alleart IndiaT.UTelanganaPlease recognize Social Worker All times work in community level
638S.Y.NooraniDepartment of Women Development and Child Welfare,A.PSri Padmavati Mahila University, TirupatiAndhra PradeshSupported
639TavikhoNRLMUniversity of science and technology, Meghalaya.NagalandI support professional social work
640Ravikumar BanothuGroup ngoKLR DEGREE AND PG collegeTelanganaNeed to think for the future of the MSW aspirants and involve them into Govt programs
641Arun Kumar yadavMAMTA-HIMC NEW DELHIMGKVPUttar PradeshI am in support for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
642Sayulu. TogariPrarana welfare societyVijetha degree collegeTelanganaPlease find out the social worker. Thank you sir
643Nandipati MattaiahMNJ CANCER HOSPITAL, HYDERABADSree vignan PG college, shamshabadTelanganaWe need recognization in this society
644Lonka yakarajuPrivateKakatiya universityTelanganaOk
645Mamidi satheeshKAMS&RC;Sri gayathri degree and p.g collegeTelanganaIt is so good use for all professional social workers.right for fight.
646Fidei Biakmawii NongrumTISSTata Institute of Social SciencesMegalayaSocial Work should be a professional course.
647Mohammad GhaniAjrcChanakya degree and p.g collageTelanganaI want to job
648Chinnaiah AkaaramL.V Prasad Eye InstituteSri Gayatri Degree & Pg college HanmakondaTelanganaFeeling Happy
649SUNDARARAJANTirunelveli Medical CollegeLoyola collegeTamil NaduNeed to form the forum
650Anil kCollegeBangalore Central College BCUKarnatakaSupport us
651K prabhakarSiriKLR degree and pg collegeTelanganaGood work
652RAKESH NSCollegeBangalore central collegeKarnatakaSupport us
653DahunCentre for Social ConcernSt Aloysius CollegeKarnatakaAs biased as this may sound but I don’t really know any other profession beside Social Work Profession that is as involved in addressing the needs of human beings that is in so many diverse ways.
655Ranjith kumar MaddeveniPragathi seva samithiTelangana universityTelanganaI am requesting above official to consider MSW as a professional course.
656Sincerely kharryngkiADBUAssam Don Bosco UniversityAssamI support the petition
658N.chandramouliTSACSRodamistry collegeTelanganaWay of thinking supper
659N.chandramouliTSACSRodamistry collegeTelanganaWay of thinking supper
660G.NavyaHinduNarendra PG collegeTelanganaIm supporting social works proffesion
661Uppala. SrikanthPRAJWALA NGOArts college, OSMANIA UniversityTelanganaPlease include our sociology post graduates in this petition Thanks and regards Srikanth. Uppala
662B RajuSree Vignan PG CollegeOsmania UniversityTelanganaI will be there for social work... wherever my help needs.
663Nangteibor shabongTata institute of social sciencesTata institute of social sciencesMegalayaThe council is very much required based on the factor listed below . 1. Social work as a curriculum requires varied professional practitioner who would be involve in teaching hence the validity of the practitioner should be validated . 2. Social work have become an easy course of study to complete and hence many institute have turn it into business . 3. Social worker is a profession which deal with human life so the course have to produce well equipped professional and mandatory to have an atunomous bodies who provide licenses for practice . 4. This will bring the quality and robustness of the profession when involved in the social sector .
664Nishan A UmapGSFCFaculty of Social Work, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of BarodaGujaratThis requires urgent consideration
665KAKKIRENI sureshSmailJhanavi pg collegeTelanganaGood
666Muthyala AmarnathNoNew science pg collegeTelanganaPlease my problems soling sir or msw sobjest remind by Education system
667KARINGULA CHAMDRAMOGILIPrithvi ngo vagoddu ramannapalllyChanakya pg college jammikunta karimnagar telanganaTelanganaI want job sir please help me sir
668MahendharHelp age IndiaRoda Mistry college of social workTelanganaI want separate department for social work and social work jobs eligibility to only social work students
669J. Phinri KharshiingSocial workMartin Luther Christian University, ShillongMegalayaIt's high time!
670Diptimayee BarikKARRTABYA, Kalahandi, OdishaUtkal University, BhubaneswarOrissaDear sir, kindly concern our request and grant to social work cources as professional courses. As you know that unemployment is the major problem in India. But i think and its my personal views that due to this social work course many students are getting job and able to maintain their family needs, also the social worker are giving more time in daily basis for community development, they are always directly working with community people in such a remote area where govt are not able to reach their. Really they are doing good job for community development ad well as nation development, they may not give their time to their family, to their children, to their wife , to their parents, friends, relatives and near and dears but they are 24*7 hours ready for working with people for the people of the people. Do its my heartiest/ humble request sir kindle approved it as professional courses.
671Srotaswini RayBidharpeoples forumViswassOrissaI feel proud to myself for choosen the social work and social setup
672Genevieve Lyngdoh mawphlangMartin Luther Christian universityMartin Luther Christians universityMegalayaPlease help us so we can help ourselves as we know for a fact that social worker work at a core and professionally dealt with problems so there is an immediate needs to look at the matter.. Thank you
674DevarajaNIMHANSNIMHANSKarnatakaDo the needful
675Dr.Birudu RajuNIMHANSNIMHANSAndhra PradeshWe demand UGC to recognise MSW as professional course at the same time GoI to constitute Social Work Counsil.
676Anindita BiswasNIMHANSNIMHANSKarnatakaSocial work council is a right for Social workers.
677Mukesh VyasPratibha SystexIndore School of Social workMadhya PradeshTo ensure social change in country, social worker should properly recognise to make his or her interest protected and make him motivated for the causes he or she work. Responsibility for any social change should be in the right and professionally qualified person
678SkjoshiDamodar industriesIssw IndoreMadhya PradeshGo head
679Anil Kumar KuppiliNYKSAndhra UniversityAndhra PradeshLooking for change in India by means of Social Work
680Santosh Kumar MohantyPeople's Forum,Bbsr,OdishaUtkal UniversityOrissaSocial worker should be treated as professional as like other professional treated.
681Lamkhosei M HaokipBssmDon Bosco College, maramManipurequality is needed
682Stephen J AmbrishFreedom TrustLoyola CollegeTamil NaduSocial work demands technical methods for intervention. This is really a professional field.
683Zoheb SalimWaohrBc collegeWest BengalI support
684Manisha Kashinath SalunkhePswaCSIBER, college, Kolhapur,Shivaji UniversityMaharashtraI have completed MSW
685Cicil R VasanthraNIMHANSNIMHANSKarnatakaI'm a mental health social worker from TISS with Mphil in psychiatric social work.
686Amar SuryawanshiSelf employedAbhijit Kadam Institute of management &social; sciences, SolapurMaharashtraDear authorities, Please grant MSW as professional course. Its future of millions of msw students & thos who done msw. If it is not professional course then stop to teach this course. Thanks
687G. KoteshwarIndipendet social workerSri Venkateshwar UniversityTelanganaI need a social worker identity
688Korra SrinivasSocial servicesRoad Mistry CollegeTelanganaSupport
689B sreedharRed cross societyBRAU,srikakulamAndhra PradeshYes , Am Agree Social works Course wants to Profesionals Recognize
690BokatoliSerendip GuardiansBosco institution jorhatAssamIt's high time we have council for social work.
691Thuppari NareshFaculty of social workJahnavi degree and pg college, boduppalTelanganaGood thought sir our dreams will be success in few time we all are fight to our dremz
692Poonam Rani DuarahNoneNERIM Group of InstitutionsAssamWe need Social Work to be professionalised
693Revathi priyaBharathiar UniversityBharathiar UniversityTamil NaduWe need licensed professional forum for social workers
694Anshul thudgarGavkIndore school of social workMadhya PradeshLooking for positive action sir
695Pulicheri MadhuSRDS-MGNREGSUniv.Arts&Science; College,KU,WarangalTelanganaSocial work is a society strength
696Neeta vermaState Gov.Central institute of psychiatryUttar PradeshHiiiiii
697Molleti MohanambaAndhra UniversityArts and commerce college, Andhra UniversityAndhra PradeshProtect social worke profession
698Subhash KUniversityUniversity Arts &Science; College, Kakatiya University, WarangalTelanganaUGC Guidelines are very horrible, we need central & State counciles for Professional Social Work in India. India need more professional social workers to find out the path way to rural issues.
699Konda Paul isaacAmanvedikaRoda mistry collegeTelanganaSocial Work (MSW) is a professional course please give better future and accept as a professional course
700G.saikrishnaStudentGovt degree&pg; college kamareddyTelanganaAs a social worker
701Nadigadda AshokDeshpande FoundationMasterji pg collegeTelanganaSocial work students will consider as a professional social worker.
702Raviprakash NallapatiSOS children's village IndiaShashank pg collegeTelanganaPlease help master social work professionals
703B NarasimhuluEco club ngoOsmania UniversityTelanganaI would like to learn new things and skills
704Alok kumar singhBihar State AIDS Control Society,PatnaMahatama Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, VaranasiUttar PradeshConsider our professionalism.
705Ramesh AdullaSocial work professionUniversity arts and science college KUTelanganaAr
706suganyabharathiar universitybharathiar universityTamil NaduPlease consider our request. Its our life.
707Aayushi BankerCare group of IndiaM S UniversityGujaratProblem is that social workers are not getting values in their professional careers and they are not getting any type of recognition, which should not happen.
708Amol Madhukar kasarMsrlmManavlokMaharashtraFormation of council of social work
709Honey PraveenPiramal SwasthyaAnd he and UniversityAndhra PradeshSocial Work should be considered as professional Course.
710Dipak sahebrao thakaneMcedDncvpsMaharashtraJob
711Sheikh RezsSheikhindia FoundationIgnou- TUManipurI strongly disagree with the decision of UGC. SW should be a professional because we are serving for the nation beside caste creed religion & profit.
712Sakir HossainUniversal Diplomatic Affairs of Human RightsMadurai Kamaraj UniversityWest BengalSocial Work must be Professional
713Bommaragoni Sravan kumarHome india fund raisingKakatiya Pg collegeTelanganaAm looking for MSW job..
714SHAMA NATHAN DAMERLASHEEPsPunyagiri Degree & PG college, S. KOTA 535145,VZM DtAndhra PradeshGive us more information, to know more and contact us for more information
715Venkatesham LodeAssistant Professor- ContractUniversity P.G. College , KollapurTelanganaI Support to formation of Council
716T.AsathCeemaMahendra Arts and Science CollegeTamil NaduPlease support
717A.Kiran kumarCommunity organisation,nedical & psychiatryUniversity arts & science collegeTelanganaForm the social work profession
718A RAJENDERStreet Nidhi credit co LtdTelangana UniversityTelanganaYes I support
719Chitumala shyamkumarPrerana welfare society AnksapurNarendra p.g college armoorTelanganaWe want justis
720Neeraj mishraMussDr r m l universityUttar PradeshWe are only one professional how work for the society with honesty and hard work
722Krishnakripa VMCentral for social concernSt Aloysius College MangaloreKeralaSocial work should be a professional course
723Avinash kambleAarit Foundation, Aurangabadwalchand college of Art's and science SolapurMaharashtraPlease established council for professional social work
724Mohammed FARUKIHRCGovt first grade collegeKarnatakaYes sir this is very important matter to announce PSWA COURSE . IN EVERY COLLEGE.
725M.SREENIVASULUDept of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, BENGALURUDept of Psychiatric Social WorkKarnatakaKindly consider the above matter.
726Anjaiah BandelaTelangana UniversitySouth CampusTelanganaIt is the time to unite all the social workers to form the council by govt for the future of social work profession
727Areshe RajkumarMswNarendra pgTelanganaSuper
728CH NarendharSAATHIITelangana UniversityTelanganaRequest to MSW course professional to non professional
729NAGESH SVKsapsLorven school of social sciences BangaloreKarnatakaWe demand pls make social work is professional social work
730VeerabhadramTUTUTelanganaPost Graduate Social Work Courses that are taught in Indian Colleges and Universities in the regular stream follow the guidelines of UGC and have 60% theory and 40% field practicum under the professional guidance. Henceforth we are requesting for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession. Thank you
731A. Celine RaniHome makerLoyola collegeTamil NaduI strongly request to accept the social work course as professional course by verifying with facts and data
732SUNNAM SATHISHSEVA SANGAMSEVA SANGAM, Rurall Development OrganizationTelanganaFight for rights
733Anwesha TewarySwayam Shikshan PrayogChrist University BangaloreKarnatakaSocial work is a profession and hence should be given a professional status! The contribution of social work professionals to this country and its people has been immense hence request the government to give the course a professional status.
734Praveen DanielChurch of South India Synod SecretariatMadras Christian CollegeTamil NaduThis will ensure a drastic change and development in the field of Social Work which is also very much necessary.
735M. NirupamaSocial worker, PRAKASAndhra UniversityAndhra PradeshSocial Work is a profession to understand the society from ancient to present scenario how the society is changing, situation analysis in changing patterns of globalisation. Social workers will co ordinate with all the other professionals.
736Dr.Toli kibaNorth East Institute of Social Sciences and ResearchNorth East Institute of Social Sciences and ResearchNagalandPlease recognize Social Work as Profession.
737Arun MSocial WorkerBharathiar UniversityTamil NaduThe people or committee who have said that it is not a professional course, at least he/she can do at least one semester in Bsw, Msw or research program and then he can declare it as not professional. The people who are sitting in a AC room don’t know what we are doing or what changes have been done. I am sorry if it Hurted you. But it is our feeling and emotions, only u will realise when you be in this position.
738Jannu KranthiMy Choices FoundationKakatiya UniversityTelanganaIt is a very good Idea to make Social work graduates - professional studies - Done professionally. Support to SC/SC students should be mad mandatory.
739JaconKriate HRLoyola CollegeTamil NaduRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
740Anita RegoPearlss 4 DevelopmentTata institute of Social SciencesTelanganaWe are the fulcrum of change. With recognition our strength to practice and make a change can make a difference in people's lives.
741M S RudraswamyShree shakarchrya veedya peetaBangalore universityKarnatakaHi studying M Sc psychological counseling
742SanthoshSwiss Emmaus leprosy relief work indiaLoyola college chennaiTamil NaduYou can never imagine a world without social workers . Can you .direct impact is created professionally.
743Joseph varghese kIndependent ConsultantLoyola collegeTamil NaduKindly declare MA(SW) as a professional course and all social work professionals be recognized as part of this professional body irrespective of their specialization.
744B. VigneshBaharathiyar universityBharathiyar universityTamil NaduRegistration sir
745M. PanneerselvamswcwsLoyolaTamil NaduRecognize as Professional course. Thanks
746B. VigneshSandfit private Ltd CoimbatoreBharathiyar universityTamil NaduSocial work is a profession and hence should be given a professional status! The contribution of social work professionals to this country and its people has been immense hence request the government to give the course a professional status.
747Patricia ViegoJeevasarthakatheSt. Aloysius CollegeKarnatakaRequest you for a professional council for social workers
748Chinnnappan DevathiruthuvarajConsultantLoyola College, ChennaiTamil NaduFormation of Council for Social Work Profession.
749Manoj T ThomasCentury HospitalChrist universityKeralaSir, please consider this petition. Thanks Manoj
750SukumarSwiftBharathiar universityTamil NaduSocial work is dedicated and highly professional for the betterment of the suffering people. It has to be recognised.
751N.sathishMswKims pg college,karimnagarTelanganaPlease respond above full support with u
752Celine DsaSSTRDCSchool of social work Roshni Nilaya, MangaloreKarnatakaSocial work is a dignified profession and i love my profession.
753Anant sheteSaurav vichar MunchMIT WPUMaharashtraOk
754RatnkarMsw,(psychiatry) SATHAVANANA UniversityMatrusri collegeTelanganaThanks for it. Ratnakar
755Koduri maheshMsw (psytichiatrist)Matrusri pg college huzurabadTelanganaSocial work is a professional work thanks it mahesh
756D ReenaSwechchaMasterjiTelanganaSave professional social work
757Venkatesh MKAHEBharathiar UniversityTamil NaduRequesting for Formation of Council for Social Work Profession
758SivaRPG groupBaharathiyar University coimbatoreTamil NaduNeed recognition
759Rubitah AbrahamNAChrist UniversityDelhiMSW is definitely a professional course!
760Josna AntonyKASWCentral University of KarntakaKeralaWe are working with people. We are trying restore the hope others lost. We are rebuilding the nation. We are the social chamnge agents. Since we are doing such important duties which can be valued together with other professional courses such as engineering and medicine (after all, we do the same) what we deserve is the recognition as professionals.
761Dr .VISHAL M. V .(Medical Social Worker)SCTIMST, ThiruvanthapuramSree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, KaladyKeralaIt is very important to have our social work council in India, Right now Professional Social Work is not recognized by Indian Society though we have completed more than 80 years of existence as a discipline.
762Md Ataur Rahaman KhanDept. Of Health & Family Welfare (National Health Mission)Pondicherry UniversityWest BengalWe have right as other professional course and Council for recognization and serve the social work quality to the nation
763DR. JIJI. T. S.SCTIMST, TRIVANDRUMUniversity of keralaKeralaSocial work profession itself is an interdisciplinary one which is being practiced with scientific knowledge of theoretical framework with humanitarian principles which is intentionally executed in areas which are significant for better outsourcing... The healthcare and social security sectors are on the move for noval interventions which are amenable to even the grass root level beneficiaries where the explicit capacity building intellectual planning and implementation can be affirmatively contributed by incorporating the social work ideas and strategies by promoting excellent manpower utilisation which a social worker can be put forward as they are experts and are tailor cut made one in respective field of practice.. Such a sprouting profession is in dire need of ethical recognition which has to be stipulated with utmost importance... Even in international organisations like WHO, UNICEF etc are benefited with social work practitioners and ignoring that Is unethical discrimination.
764Greeshma.KJIPMERPondicherry UniversityPuducherryDefinitely we need recognition
765Ms Balentina T. LamareBosco Integrated Development Society(BIDS)Assam Don Bosco UniversityMegalayaRespected Sir/Madam I completed my BSW and MSW course were everyone called it as professional course as per my knowledge. But unfortunately, sad to know our UGC and MHRD did not recognise it. As my experience in social work the methodology change my prospective totally. After I deal with the community I understand much better of humanity. And I think dealing with human soul is one of wonderful profession that help us to uplift our people in the field of education, health, environment etc. I sincerely request our higher authorities to take action as earlier. Looking forward for positive response soon.
766Ranjee BagheleCommunity organizationRajiv gandhi social work college of of GondiaMaharashtraI agree
767John SebastianSCTIMSTLoyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum.KeralaSocial Work Should be recognized as a profession
768Aman kumarPatna UniversityPatna University, PatnaBiharIt should be recognized as a Professional course so that no of employements increases so far
769Anoop Kumar Bhartiya Dr.University of LucknowUniversity of LucknowUttar PradeshProfession is my Right Council is my Right
770Aradhana AlexanderNoneChrist (deemed to be University)KarnatakaGood job.
771B.VilvalingamHuman resources managementBharathiar University 2007-2009 batch (MSW-HR)Tamil NaduI wish all the best....
772THIRAMDAS GNANESHWARun employedMahatma gandhi universityTelanganaIam support.
773Sachin PeterSocial workAt Albert's collegeKeralaOpen up your eyes and see what the real social work is.
774Don K JoyNGODe Paul, angamaliKeraladeclare MSW as Professional course in India, please dont degrade professional social workers who work for others in the society.
775PrasanthKriya Softech SolutionIGNOUTamil NaduI'm a social worker and I support social workers
776T RaghupathiDr Reddy's FoundationVivekananda Degree & PG college, Satavahana UniversityTelanganaSocial Work is a professional course because we work with people and for the betterment of the society, please recognise our efforts and do the needful.
777N collegeTelanganaIam working for society problem s
778KondalDrdaPalamuru universityTelanganaPlease identify of social Work as a professional cours
779Annavaram SureshPragati Swachandha Seava SamithiPalamur UniversityTelanganaWe Support this proposal
780Sonia monteiroWomen and child development department Dakshina KannadaSchool of social work Roshni nilaya MangaloreKarnatakaI agree to the above aspects
781J.lakshmi prasannaApsacsSri padmavati mahila viswavidyalayamAndhra PradeshSocial work is a professiona.
782Adilingam GantalaAP State AIDS Control societyMR PG collegeAndhra PradeshGood idea
783K. Kamala Deevena.APSACSAndhra Loyola collegeAndhra PradeshKindly consider MSW students as professional social workers.
784Pilli raghavuluKakinadaAndra universityAndhra PradeshWho many courses are available in the process
785P.AdilakshmiSrichitanyaSPMVVAndhra PradeshGood
786P.AdilakshmiSrichitanyaSPMVVAndhra PradeshGood
787SADDALA VENKATARAMIREDDYDistrict Mental Health programme,Andhra pradeshSrikrishna Devaraya University college,AnanthapuramAndhra PradeshDear Sir , Take immediate steps for formation of Professional social workers council in india, it will help all professional social workers.
788Cherukuri Venkata kishoreAPSACS, ICTC COUNSELORAcharya nagarjuna university, GunturAndhra PradeshI, Cherukuri Venkata kishore, have completed my Msw from university campus college, Acharya nagarjuna university, Guntur. Now I am working as ictc Counselor in government hospital, Amaravthi, Guntur district. Thanking you sir
789RavikumarMSWNarendra pg collegeTelanganaFor job
790Selin A.FOld age homeAt.Joseph's college moolamattomKeralaSocial development in our society is very important social work students can rise up social psychological development of human been.
791H. VeishoNRLMSt. Marys college, udupi, Mangalore KarnatakaKarnatakaSocial wirk profession is the best profession for humanity which teach and guves them the ways and means to earn their means of livelihood through sustainable life
792Rsmachandran. CHealth departmentBharathidasan universityTamil NaduI am very happy i am background of social Work.
794Ramesh jarapalamswacharaya Nagarajuna UniversityAndhra PradeshTo develop community All govt scheme aware to community level, Msw student cluster co ordinator
795AyyamuthuPSUDRBCCC Hindu CollegeTamil Nadu• Declare Post Graduate Social Work Courses taught in regular stream as Professional Courses. • Initiate intervention with other concerned ministries for the formation of a National Council for Social Work Profession
796Sharmistha sarmaRoyal global universityRoyal global universityAssamIt is a professional course because social work applies principle ,skills and ethics just like other professional courses
797JoelGuru Nanak collegeLoyola collegeTamil NaduSocial work must be a profession in india
798HraziiKkysoLungnila Elizabeth School of Social WorkManipurSocial work should be professional
799Thiruvalluvan ElangoSALARIEDTISSTamil NaduForum such as National Council for Social Work Profession can contribute to achievement of SDGs
800Angel Monika MICMR NIEMar Gregorios College of Arts and ScienceTamil NaduI support!
801KethiyonSACC Deaddection centreThanthai hans rover collegeTamil NaduNo comment
802Oliver BalagadossPratham Education FoundationLoyolaTamil NaduPlease do the needful.
803RAVINDRA REDDY MOSMANIA UNIVERSITYOsmania UniversityTelanganaSupport
804Arul Mani JosephrajChrist Arts and Science CollegeChrist Arts and Science CollegeTamil NaduWe earnestly seek your positive Action towards this Association. Thanking in anticipation
805VairamuthuYUCIJaya engineering CollegeTamil NaduI would like to be a part of your committee
806Mishel sara AlexMSW - Medical And Psychiatric Social WorkStella Maris CollegeTamil NaduWe need National council for professional social workers to enhance our work.
807J NandhidhaChild Line India FoundationCauvery college for women , trichyTamil NaduWe a recognise council for working with people to the betterment of society in all sector.
808Vinayaka mKuvempu universityJnanasahyadri shankarghattaKarnatakaI am professional Social workr
809Sam jebastinCommunity service and rural development indiaDon BoscoTamil NaduWe need PSWA
810soumya kaushikuniversity of Bangalorest joseph collegeHaryanaI am totally against the people who are illegally in India using social workers in front of their names without having a degree in social work and I need equality
811GANESAN RAlagappa UniversityAlagappa UniversityTamil NaduKindly include DISTANCE MODE MSW ALSO AS A PROFESSIONAL COURSE.
812GANESAN RAlagappa UniversityAlagappa UniversityTamil NaduKindly include DISTANCE MODE MSW ALSO AS A PROFESSIONAL COURSE.
813Dr.Simon Joseph MInterdependent Compassion Trust,(ICT),Uhzavoor.P.O,Kottayam(Dt)Kerala-686634Loyola College of Social Sciences,TrivandrumKeralaProfessional Social Work as a practice oriented course,has added immense value in my personal, social and proofessional life and it is high time that a National council is formed to enahce its standards in learning and prqactice.
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